Why Kiosks Drive Value For Airports and Travel Centers 2024

Digital Signage/Kiosk Statistics and Analytics for Travel Organizations

Our customers frequently ask us about industry and current customer’s data and analytics on Kiosks and Digital signage as well as engagement numbers on our many Travel centers, Airports, Convention Centers and Outdoor areas. The statistics below paint a holistic image of how kiosks drive value for travel organizations.

Below we put together the top stats pulled from studies, articles, and even our own analytics of over 250 Travel locations and DMO’s around the country.

What I recommend as you start thinking about this technology, ask yourself: “What do your customers want? Do you think they want more self-service options? Do they want to use their phone more than receive paper? Are you building solutions where customers are today or where they are going?” Hopefully, this information and analytics will help you decide for yourself.

What do we know:

  • Customers want more digital engagement and self-service options
  • Employees and front-line works are harder to get
  • Our staff needs tools and solutions to help them meet demands
  • People want to share and send things to their phones
  • People want all types of devices and expect companies to deliver them

The facts are that Kiosks, save money, drive efficiency and open new revenue opportunities. Now let’s think through some verticals and get to the stats that help us understand this technology better.

Airports, Travel Centers, Lobbies & High-Traffic

Tourist Areas:

We all understand these types of organizations see improvements with self-service kiosks. They help reduce crowding, get information quickly, and make everything run more smoothly. The more options we have in travel-based hubs provide better engagement with updated or live information, transportation options, and wayfinding to help with navigation. So, let’s see what our travelers, visitors, and guests want and how they use these products.

Stats you need to know:

  • 70% of travelers want a self-service experience
  • 28% of travelers show up without a hotel or plans in the destination
  • Kiosks attract and engage the 70% of visitors who just pass by or look in
  • Retailers that use Signage and Kiosks see a 10-12% increase in-store traffic
  • Kiosks can push per ticket revenue 15%-17% over traditional front-line workers
  • About 79% of customers prefer ordering through kiosks rather than interacting directly with staff, highlighting the growing acceptance and demand for tech
  • 75% of passengers worldwide utilize self-service kiosks for check-in, bag tagging, and boarding pass printing, adoption continues to rise

Other examples of Kiosk traveler usage from Visitor Centers, Downtown areas, and Convention Centers:

  • 38% of travelers on average engage with a Kiosk
  • Of those travelers 60% are male
  • Session times run on average around 3.2 min
  • 15% use Kiosks for translation a popular feature
  • 50% will utilize the map feature, traffic, and weather
  • Things to do is one of the most popular features of travel kiosks
  • Trails and exploration passes see increases of about 17% from Kiosk to phone
  • Sharing from Kiosk to text is about 25% of each interaction
  • Photobooth drives the most visitor data next to Events
  • Events are one of the top shared features on Kiosks

Implementations and Real-Life Cases

  • Advancing Airport Efficiency with Delta Airlines’ Self-Service Kiosks
  • Delta Airlines kiosks offer new ways to engage in their travel lounge, to help with flight information, facts on the hotel, a map for local eateries, and transportation options from the location they are traveling.
  • Enhancing Customer Service with Kiosks at Emirates
  • Smart LCD touch-screen self-service kiosks enable streamlined customer categorization and priority calling, reducing wait times. The centralized reporting system facilitated real-time service quality and staff performance monitoring, empowering Emirates to optimize resources.
  • Alabama Tourism, Visit California, and Nashville all have implemented Kiosks and Signage and drive new strategies for visitor experience and easy sharing. In some locations, engagement approaches over 65% of visitors and in some locations, visitors only have Kiosk as an option due to staffing or off-hour locations. Many DMOs are also implementing digital people count to track better engagement and to start advertising programs to drive revenue. Each organization that was surveyed showed more data opportunities and more engagements on mobile, travel passes, and even ways to help with sustainability initiatives through reduction in paper.

Future Outlook and Trends

The future of travel-based kiosks holds exciting possibilities as technological advancements continue to shape the travel experience. From biometric authentication to artificial intelligence-driven personalization, the evolution of these touchpoints promises to revolutionize passenger interactions and modernize travel operations.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kiosks and digital signage will continue to help improve travel-based engagement. The question is when are you going to start, your customers are already there.

Overall, a significant percentage of travelers are leaning towards automation due to its efficiency and the added convenience of reducing wait times and simplifying various travel processes. This shift towards automated solutions is expected to continue growing as technology advances and passenger expectations evolve.



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