When Big Shifts Happen: Our new normal was already happening.


When Big Shifts Happen: Our new normal was already happening.

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By Doug

There are decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happen. What has happened to the world and the effect on the industry is unprecedented. This shift that just skyrocketed to our very existence encompasses a shift in our society, economy, how we work, how we communicate, how we get together, and how we will do business. 

I have been part of and shared many blogs related to this shift. It’s something I have been talking about this for over 5 years however even I didn’t realize the magnitude of this shift. And of course, like us all, I figured it would take a few more years before it started to become obvious.

The reality is that businesses that didn’t invest in eCommerce, Digital Strategies, Reservation, Bookings, online ordering, and contactless solutions are now in a dire situation. It’s easy to look back and say “Yes, I saw that coming” but I don’t think we understood that it would mean the end to 1 in 6 businesses. Nor did we understand that brands that had been around for 100+ years would not make it. But this is the reality.

Those of us in Hospitality and Travel face much of the same, however we know that people still love to travel, and these customers will be coming back – we are fortunate on that side. This change will require us to do things differently and our ability to adapt to this change rapidly will be the difference in success and failure, not just for us but for our local community and businesses as well.

If you look at my last 3 webinars and blogs, they echo the same sentiments our customers were already facing. Our business and digital engagement rules were already changing and now it’s time to face the facts and find the right path for your organization. Here are a few things you may want to consider.

  1. Interactive and Mobile solutions will replace human interaction or will be a subset of it as people and the economy shifts.
  2. Customers especially the millennial and next generations require digital tools to engage. If you are not providing them ways to communicate virtually, you are not in the game.
  3. There are new revenue opportunities in the midst of these changes. Establishing media networks that connect content by location, device and time is where marketing will have to compete.
  4. Marketing professionals must transition to Experience experts, understanding their markets, devices, mediums, and contents are necessary to connect to their consumer
  5. Managing the omnichannel, multi-device, content and social mediums is difficult. You need to find a partner that can connect and communicate with your existing systems across any device.

In conclusion, don’t take my word for it, see below for just a few of the stats and articles that are coming out, I have studies from Oracle, Google, and more that have been talking about this shift since 2016. This isn’t new information, this is critical information. Protecting, connecting, and guiding your customers real-time through any device is the new SEO, SEM, and any other acronym you want to use. No matter what your industry is, it’s time to shift quickly. We want our customers and industries to be the best in the world. Please reach out if we can help, no matter who you select we love sharing information for the greater good.

If you are interested to learn more about implementing frictionless and contactless solutions for your existing and potential visitors, feel free to contact us @ 833-300-6664 or email us at info@trueomni.com and we’ll get an omnichannel strategist to help find the best options for you.

Doug Ralston
President& CEO, TrueOmni

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