Pensacola, Florida, a coastal haven along the Gulf of Mexico, is celebrated for its pristine beaches, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene. This picturesque city attracts travelers seeking a blend of relaxation and exploration, making it a cherished destination for visitors worldwide.

Key Goal:

Update the visitor center with digital signage to drive more brand and member awareness

Drive engagement with local walking areas, cultural trails and educate visitors on different areas within the destination

Beach Enhancement: Improve beach experiences by providing real-time weather and water safety information.

Attractions and Restaurants: Promote local attractions and dining establishments to help tourists discover the city's offerings.

Accommodations and Nearby Places: Connect tourists with nearby accommodations, points of interest, and cultural attractions to encourage exploration.

Visitor Information: Gather visitor data, feedback, and preferences to personalize their experience effectively.


Pensacola-branded and weather-resistant outdoor kiosk unit


Replace old poster board and light boxes with digital signage to ensure easy campaign and awareness content is current and engagement

Drive excitement as you walk in the center showing of the best locations, and social media engagements Interactive Kiosks: Placed strategically at the airport and downtown locations, these kiosks offered tourists access to local information, mapping and more

Video Wall: A captivating video wall was set up to showcase the beauty of Pen sacola

Progressive Web App (PWA): developed to provide Geo based in-destination content and awareness to vital information, maps, itineraries and more.


Content Management System (CMS): Efficient content management across digital touchpoints.

Data Tools: Advanced data tools provide insights into visitor behavior,Data & Events.

Real-time data and event tracking to ensure the delivery of the most relevant information.

Analytics: To help Pensacola understand visitor preferences.


Maps: Integrated mapping helped visitors navigate the city.

Itinerary Builder: Visitors created personalized itineraries based on their interests.

Guestbook & Survey: Allowed feedback collection for continuous improvement.

Photobooth: Pensacola-themed photo booths offered memorable experiences.

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Support: Ensured uninterrupted service.

Integration with Tempest: Real-time updates on content, imagery, and ad deployments from

Tempest ensure current and engaging information.