Milwaukee is not only known for good beer, food, and art, historically this state has been home to science and technological innovation. Visit Milwaukee has nearly 23 million people who visit each year for conventions, events, business, and leisure travel supporting local businesses and the local economy, which supports local jobs.

Key Goal:

Visit Milwaukee was looking to provide a mobile visitor center experience with new ways to engage their visitors and provide them with tools to get them out and engage with the destinations. Providing a next-generation and digital way to get to the visitor at the point of origin, concerts, events, and more. Here are some of the functionalities that they are looking to implement:


In this partnership, with a mobile visitor center manufacturer, we worked to provide technology that they could take with them to any event, conference, or concert. They purchased Interactive tabletop kiosks and digital signage to highlight local information and social engagement. We integrated with Visit Milwaukee’s CRM, Simpleview, for real-time updates on events and listings. Along with this implementation, we have also launched the following features: