Estes Park, Colorado is the base camp for amazing adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park and the perfect mountain getaway. Estes Park has events, lodging, and activities that create a great escape from the everyday.  The park has 3.1 million annual visitors. Three-fourths (75 percent) of all Estes Park visitors visit the national park.

Products Used


Cosmic II


visitor center icon

Visitor Center



Key Goal:

Estes Park was looking for interactive ways to promote its natural beauty and make everyone part of the equation. They wanted to be able to serve tourists with greater park information during their visit. Here are some of the functionalities that they are looking to implement:


In this partnership, we were able to launch an indoor standing kiosk to provide Visitors with their much-needed local and park information. We integrated with Simpleview CRM for real-time updates on events and listings. Along with this implementation, we have also launched the following features:

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