Every year, millions of visitors spend time in California to visit their most popular locations, national monuments, historical places, parks, and beaches. In 2021, California received over 200 million visitors making it the third most visited state in the US. Among these famous locations, we can find Yosemite National Park, Disneyland, Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge among many other signature attractions.

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Cosmic II

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Key Goals:

Visit California wanted to enhance the visitor experience and engagement across all 21 Welcome Center Locations. With new ways to strengthen the brand and new way to increase overall data management and analytics. At the same time, this state looked for a platform that allowed integration with there content management systems and new way of Ad and awareness programs. Here are some of the features that the state wanted to focus on:

Option for visitors to create their own itineraries and browse from pre-set ones

Cater to local and international travelers, find options to remove communication barriers

Integrate into each DMO data feeds to avoid additional steps in updating listings

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Data sharing options to help visitors with real-time local information

Data integration and approval process options through centralized platform

New ways to use Ads, Ticketing, and build awareness and revenue programs


In this partnership, we were able to build a comprehensive visitor center solution, allowing flexibility in content, revenue, and data programs for each location.

By launching Kiosks and digital signage at each location, we can bring awareness and new features for servicing the next generation of travelers. Coupled with a Mobile solution that connects each traveler with features from translation to local road trips.

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