Visit Baltimore Tourism Center boasts one of the most iconic American history locations in the United States. The “Charm City” is known to have rich history and legacy. With increased visitor demand, Visit Baltimore is now looking for different automated options catering to the growing number of visitors. Combine with offers of local attractions, museums, cultural organisation, and restaurants, Visit Baltimore wanted to emphasize the following customer segments:

Key Goals:

How do you creat a unique, unforgettable travel experience plus drive awareness of historic areas? What’s the most memorable way to promote the best your city has to offer? How do we allow visitors to use digital technology to learn and share information while reducing paper? Can we use analytics and tools to learn more about visitors and use this information to better target key demographics? Here are some of the feature that Visit Baltimore is looking to do:


The executive and design teams at Visit Baltimore and TrueOmni built a solution to take advantage of an interior design upgrade. Providing integrated data and auto-updating interactive screens to activate local mapping, showing visitors the local and historic areas for easy directions and information sharing.

TrueOmni also helped combine features to promote coupons and guide visitors to local businesses inside and through their mobile application. Using the OmniPlatform, all screens can easily be updated for special events and custom features to ensure ways to drive revenue and meet meeting planner expectations.

Some of the features implemented are the following: