Understanding the Impact of Technology on Guest Experience


Understanding the Impact of Technology on Guest Experience

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The innovation of technology has set consumer’s bar higher than it has ever been. Technology has and will truly revolutionize our daily lives in ways we are just starting to understand.   The pandemic is shifting the ways we engage and connect as human beings and technology will shape industries.   The key understanding is that if you are not looking and understanding this technology your hotel has less and less chance of long-term growth.

It’s no longer enough to have a digital booking option, but guests want digital means to reserve, access the hotel and their room, and schedule and communicate with staff from digital devices. 

Today is a statistical reminder that if your organization has not set down a strategy even during historical low occupancy rates, you are in for a much longer ride and one that could be the demise of your organization.  The journey and expectations have changed to ensure you understand and study the future, as it is already here.

Guests Prefer Mobile Technology

With over 3,000 US and European travelers, Oracle was able to conduct a report showing that 64% of US Hotel guests believing that it is “extremely important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience.”

Technology is now one of the vital factors in improving services. In the hotel industry, it now plays a bigger role in impacting the overall guest experience. Here are some of the ways that it has affected the normal process:

  • Online Bookings – new guests, especially the millennials and Gen Z’s are now relying on hotel and booking sites for any of their reservations. As well social plays a huge role in decision making if you haven’t connected these dots you are at a disadvantage.   See some of our blogs about omnichannel it’s about consistency and convenience of experience.    Sites like Expedia, Booking, Airbnb, and more are booming as they provide convenience and consistency you can do the same.
  • Automated check-in and check-out – This is no longer nice to have guests demand this and hotels have to learn that base digital convenience solutions need to be available and marketed. Not to worry it will also save money and improve staff efficiency.
  • Digital key or Keyless entry – traditional keys and swipe cards are no longer what guests want. The rise of the mobile key enables your guests to enter their respective rooms just using their mobile devices. Big hotels like Hilton in Marriott have committed to converting all of their hotels by 2024.
  • On-Site technology – So your guests have already arrived at your property, what happens next? Give them the power to utilize interactive screens, connect with rich content through digital signage and provide the tools they can use to plan, book, and navigate through the hotel and destination.
  • A report from Oracle hospitality has proven what you should have already known  guests would like to see different technologies during their stay:
    • the ability to select a specific room – 45%
    • the ability to check-in and checkout via mobile device – 39%
    • the ability to share different information and destination activities – 41%
    • the ability to create and forward service requests- 36%
  • At the same time, Marriott hotels and resort has prioritized energy-saving technology and make sure this is implemented to all their locations.
  • But you don’t have to be Marriott to use technology to reduce waste, here are a few things technology can help with
    • Reduce plastic card usage
    • Reduce paper usage in hotel and rooms
    • Provide ways to avoid unnecessary visits to rooms
    • Reduce food costs, by ensuring orders are correct
    • Reduce communication barriers that cause waste of resources
  • Push notifications – as seen in one of Oracle Hospitality’s reports,
    • 35% of guests said that they would like the ability to schedule room cleaning
    • 26% said that they would like to receive a smartphone notification to show if their room was being cleaned.

This study has clearly shown that guests are now preferring to involve technology in simple requests during their stay. This provides your guests the ability to enjoy their stay, visit different destinations or tourist spots, and simply be notified when there is anything urgent that’s related to their reservation or their current booking.

Personalized Interactions, A New ‘Must’ For The Hotel Industry

Listening to your guest’s demand for new technology provides hoteliers the opportunity to exceed guest expectations. It is important to know their interests and dislikes to deliver a personalized experience. Not only does this provide a long-lasting impression, but it also creates a unique experience that your current guests can share with their friends and families. Remember, that the word of mouth is still the cheapest and the most powerful advertising method!

Personalized data is becoming the number one priority for organizations whether it be hotels, tourism, or the retail industry. Imagine knowing your customer’s bed preferences? Or how much they love spas and saunas? How about being able to provide a coupon/discount on their favorite menu before they place the order? Wouldn’t that be a worthwhile experience for them? You can achieve this through implementing even base-level technology.

If you are looking to improve efficiency, drive revenue, and improve guest experience let us show you a demo and in 15min you will know if this is something for your organization. Call us at 8333006664 or email us at info@trueomni.com to get a hospitality marketing and sales specialist to understand your current hotel needs.

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