Ultimate Guide to Getting an Outdoor Kiosk

Installing an Outdoor Kiosk can deliver tremendous benefits for both business and consumers. We are currently living in an era where people expect speed, ease of interaction and Kiosks do this 24×7, 365. Some of the best implementation options are with downtown areas, travel destinations, health care, public facilities, hotels and attraction areas.  On a general note, key functionality provides real time information, directions, easy sharing and local details to help customers and visitors find what they want. As you look at options to help automate, enhance experience and connect key information for your locals, visitors and customers here are some benefits and things you should know.

Benefits you Get

What’s in it for you?

1. Increased customer satisfaction

People love technology and that’s a fact. When customers get personalized information, they feel loved and well cared for. This also applies to them being able to look for specific information without the fluff, saving them time for a more fruitful adventure or trips.

2. Cost Savings

Let your kiosks answer your FAQs and reduce the cost in hiring additional employees during variable shifts. Allow your investment to do most of the repetitive work and focus on more meaningful interactions with staff.

3. Sustainability & Satisfaction

No more unnecessary ordering or printing of brochures and leaflets. Reduce costs for you and your stakeholders, ensure real-time information and provide more trackable interactions. Your staff can now focus on experience and providing both digital and printing options when time is right. 

4. Visible ROI

Use your initial investment to provide ROI through implementing features like advertising, deals, partnerships and more. Your screens are powerful enough to acquire attention, driving your visitors to know more about your organization, local businesses and unique things to do or buy.

5. 24/7 Data

Kiosks positioned properly will provide new ways to engage visitors with information anytime of day, collecting all types of data.   From trends and information patterns, to local environment data and even security.

Features you Need to Consider

Maximizing the full potential of your Outdoor Kiosk units

1. Heavy Duty

Since they will be technically “living” outside your facility, you need to ensure that what you’re purchasing can withstand harsh weather conditions, vandalism and tampering. It is important that you know and you relay your location’s temperature ranges. Find a kiosk that’s made of rugged material with high quality coating.

2. Positioning & Installation

Ensure an easy to access location where customers can walk up or drive up to engage with the Kiosk.  Keep in mind that these are like billboards location is important. Installation should consider moisture and environmental factors ensure you review installation with facilities staff and consult your Kiosk provider to ensure he is trained on doing outdoor installs.

3. Aesthetically pleasing & Protected

Review options and select a kiosk that has ability to provide branding options. Wrapping your Kiosk will increase the longevity of the solution. As well you want to capture the attention of your customers and visitors ensuring they know the options and information available.

4. Connect to your existing systems

Look for a provider who has experience  connecting to your existing CRM/CMS.  The key is to centralize and automate data and content updates. A good provider should also provide its own CMS and data options. If done properly Kiosks should run consistently by providing auto update options so your staff can spend time driving value not worrying about content updates. 

5. Essential Modules

It is important to consider what functionalities can be implemented and how easy it is to add features now and in the future. Look for a provider that has experience in driving ongoing value through key features:

5. Maintenance and Support

Kiosks are not cheap, but they also shouldn’t break the bank most organizations can provide reasonable options based on budget. You should be able to get 10 years plus of usage and ROI from a good product. What is important is your solution comes software and hardware support. Also there is a high level of knowledge in installation. Ensuring there team can come on-site if there is a problem. Remote monitoring and support should be included and a track record easy to substantiate.  Warranty of at least 3 years should be expected. Do your research and check references!

If you are looking for a proven provider of Kiosk and software solutions we would be happy to discuss your needs and ensure you get the right product for the job.  TrueOmni provides a wide range of options and price points for industries such as travel, retail and hospitality. Call us at 833-300-6664 or email us at info@trueomni.com and a specialist will walk you through our proven 5 step process for success.

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