PRESS RELEASE: True Omni Announces Partnership with Guerilla Cube

Scottsdale, AZ .- March 8th, 2022 – True Omni, True Omni, a Scottsdale, AZ-based interactive experience company, has partnered with Guerrilla Cube to provide their travel customers with the next generation of mobile visitor and engagement centers.   This partnership will allow destinations to expand their reach and engage at events and local community functions while keeping all the great information and technology of a visitor center.   Built to promote the destination and brand by delivering a more complete experience.  

“Coupled with the mobile visitor center product are also customized vehicles as well as new and creative ways to connect brand engagement at the point of connection with visitors and customers. Guerrilla Cube has one of the best mobile center products in the world, built to showcase the brand and be easily moved around to any location.  With this partnership, the True Omni platform, digital signage, and kiosk solution will build directly into all key areas of the product – allowing the best of engagement and digital experience”, said Douglas Ralston CEO of True Omni.

Destinations and brands can now connect mobile experiential marketing options that allow visitors to have a self-service experience at events and key high-traffic areas.  Now the fun and engagement can easily be brought to the consumer and traveler with the right info at their fingertips. 

About Guerilla Cube:

Based in Toronto, Guerrilla Cube focuses on mobile promotional and experiential units. Guerrilla Cube separated from its mother company “Defined Designs” in 2012 and since then has successfully expanded throughout all of Canada and the United States. Guerrilla Cube’s mission is to bring the tradeshow booth experience to a new level.

About True Omni:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, TrueOmni is a SaaS-based Omnichannel Platform company, focused on providing easy-to-use turnkey interactive solutions for on-property and virtual environments.  With some of the biggest brands in the world utilizing True Omni’s engagement platform, TrueOmni provides consistent, easy-to-deploy, and manage software and hardware solutions while connecting turnkey content and self-service tools to any device.

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