Visit Tri-Cities is one of the destinations that aggressively promotes tourism. Tourism is as diverse as all the cities they represent and yet one of the strongest sources of income and employment for the region. For the record, visitors in 2018 spent a total of $560.2 million in Benton and Franklin Counties alone.

Products Used


Cosmic II





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Visitor Center



Key Goal:

Promote innovative options to engage local information, destination products, stakeholders, and activities across each tri-city area. With their growing visitor count, they also wanted to take advantage of technology to help them with additional revenue options and better data. Here are the top priorities:


True Omni provided Visit Tricities with an interactive solution that allows their visitors to navigate information through strategically placed kiosks. This included both standing and portable hardware options to connect in key areas and provide self-service options for frequently asked questions.  True Omni has implemented the following core functionalities on each of their interactive touchpoints. 

Core Functionality:

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