Top 4 ways Digital signage helps drive awareness and revenue


Top 4 ways Digital signage helps drive awareness and revenue

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Travelers are starting to return and attracting them back to keep them engaged is a crucial part of the travel itself. This is often neglected but slowly we are all realizing that technology plays a vital role in this part of the process. In fact, technology is now a mandatory part of any guest, traveler, and customer journey.

Something to think about: Digital signage can easily be modified to fit any promotion, event, or any in-destination content. It easily conveys your virtual message, allowing your travelers to be targeted through eye-catching content. You can use real-time and content to showcase your destination’s activities, local attractions and local businesses which can ultimately drive more traffic and sales for your destination.

Key ways that Digital Signage helps local awareness and ROI

1. Increase Destination’s Digital Presence

Deliver consistent brand and imagery in real-time to any locations. Showcasing your best attractions, things to do and more! Provide your travelers with new opportunities to engage with other travelers through social feeds and connect the dots for personalized experiences.

  • Connect Online Content with High-Traffic areas – utilize your screens to integrate content by location and time of year. Include social campaigns and more!

2. Endorse local market and businesses Awareness

Improve local revenue for the destination by encouraging awareness and promotion programs rotating through each of your screens, including video and other captivating digital content.

  • Boost impulse or unplanned purchases – Get them to stay in-destination longer! Through digital signage, you can persuade your visitors to find more places to stop by, more cuisines to try, and more trails to visit!
  • Connect with visitors who don’t like face-to-face interactions – Our ‘New’ era has now caused more travelers to worry about in-person communication and would rather use technology in receiving and delivering their message. Use different videos, animations, and other eye-catching content

3. Advertising & Driving Revenue

4. Omnichannel connects all screens

By connecting your current CRM or CMS system, you can do real time updates on content, imagery and video. Leveraging partnerships with TripAdvisor, DTN, OpenTable you can not only increase engagement but also provide new ways to drive revenue. Building this portion of your media channel will allow you to continue to show real value to local stakeholders and ensure your marketing budget and direction are working for you.


Digital signage is one of the most sought after technologies to engage travelers, as well with its ease of installation and quick setup. You can build a lasting marketing channel that truly compliments your global efforts. Easily connect your systems to the OmniPlatform to provide easy to manage and control solutions anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a proven provider of Digital Signage Hardware and Software in the travel, hospitality and retail industry we can ensure you get the right product for the job. Call us at 833-300-6664 or email us at and a specialist will walk you through our proven 5 step process for success.  

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