Top 10 Tips and Options to building a Great Hospitality App


Top 10 Tips and Options to building a Great Hospitality App

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As we all recover from Covid19, we all understand very well that every industry has had to find a new way of coping with the customer’s new priority – contactless & safety. In the hospitality industry, sanitation has always been part of the rendered service, but the contactless engagement was only aforethought for most.  The need to reduce human-to-human interaction has been eminent and with that, the rise of contactless technology has been in need and demand, more than ever. 

If you are part of the guest or visitor experience industry, you know that most of the guests prefer transactions done at their convenience, with lesser to no staff contact. This is one reason why discovering the best features and options for your own contactless solution is necessary. To accomplish the customer request is key but the advantages for hotels and staff is where this perfect marriage can come together.    To get there you need a mobile app and kiosk options now the questions start coming to the surface.    Below we will tell you the top 10 things to consider as you look to take the next step to automate and improve the guest experience.

Top 10 MUST HAVE Hospitality App Features!

If you have an app there is a chance with the right developers you can improve it, many times it’s best to develop from scratch.   Mobile technology has advanced dramatically over the last 3 years.    As well we strongly recommend looking at technology such as Progressive Web Apps, as they require no Appstore download and are 75% smaller on your phone.   This can help solve some of the previous app dilemmas in that people can access the app much easier.

  1. Check-in and checkout option

Skip the line, and utilize staff better with Mobile or Kiosk Check-in. Guests spend less time checking in and you provide an initial impressive guest experience.   Ensure you offer upgrades and discounts on amenity purchases during the process.  Lastly, find a system that leverages your current PMS while also providing easy upgrade paths.

  1. Digital Key

Mobile key has been booming all around the globe. This tap to enter process has been found to be convenient and as well helps reduce costs and frustration.   Upgraded locks are under 150 per door and will pay for themselves in a year.   Increase convenience, reduce costs, and provide 24×7 access to guests with little to no human contact.

  1. Mobile Food Ordering

Let your guests take control of what they want when they want. One of the biggest sought-after features is the ability of guests to order food and beverages from the mobile phone. This ability empowers guests to take a bite whenever they want, wherever they want, allowing staff to focus on guest delivery and experience.   Look for systems that can leverage your existing PoS or consider some of the 3rd party options.

  1. Guest to Staff Communication

This is one of the newest technologies that allow the guest to communicate directly via their smartphone to any department or staff member as needed.   Connect and empower your staff to talk with guests and meet their needs more accurately.  Eliminate language barriers and provide conveniences from needed towels to maintenance.  Look for systems that also allow management to monitor interactions for better training and monitoring of consistent practices.

  1. Coupons and Loyalty points

Allow your new and frequent guests to utilize special offers and drive loyalty and rewards programs. Boost your customer’s loyalty with personalized offers for the things they love to do while giving them unique opportunities to build points and provide ways to bring guests back again and again.  You want to look at systems that allow you to utilize existing coupon programs and new ways to drive the personalization of offers and deals to give customers reasons to return or experience new things.

  1. Guest review and ratings

Before making any reservation, a guest would usually check reviews and ratings of a particular organization. A study shows That 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews. This just means providing ratings before, during, and after is imperative for your app.    With more instant communication you have the opportunity to surpass your guest’s expectations and give them opportunities to rate your service and hotel.   With instant feedback you can resolve issues and turn guests into repeat guests.  Look for systems that have their own reviews product or connect directly with TripAdvisor

  1. Translation services

International travel is easy breezy if you are multilingual, but if not, conversing will be a terrible hurdle to pass! Implementing translation services for your mobile app would be a big help to your international guests who would love to know more about your hotel’s amenities but also like to ensure they can get what they need when they need it.

  1. Social Media Integration

Everyone just can’t stop checking into different places especially when they’re traveling or when they’re out and about. Integration of social media channels and the ability to place your hashtags on their posts creates brand awareness and lets others see what a great experience and offering you have.   Providing social walls of current and past guests inspire bookings and connect guests to your brand.  Look for social media connectors inside your mobile provider’s system.

  1. Notifications

Use new technologies like beacons and geofencing to alert Your guests when they enter a specific location within your property.   Connect guests to offers and deals and provide a more personalized experience.  Your mobile vendor should have ways to send notifications by guest, guest type, time of day, and location.

  1. Advertising & Ticketing

Another way to gain ROI is to provide options to your stakeholders or any businesses to promote through advertisements on your mobile app. Extend the ability to reach a wider guest range by letting your team and partners promote by location and time of day.   Ticketing convenience is now the new normal provide calls to action and the ability for guests to book and schedule their trip around what they love to do.  As well as provide new points of 24×7 revenue and show the power of a well-built software solution.

Your providers should have an ad network feature built into your solution and look at ticketing products that connect the destination like Viator a TripAdvisor company

The bottom line is you should be looking at a true contactless engagement company that can provide mobile, kiosk, and other digital engagement features through one platform.   If you can’t achieve that now set your sights and companies that are expanding next-generation services.  They will save you money and provide fewer headaches as you implement.

There’s never been a better time to promote technology and using it to connect to your guests.  Done properly you will save money and increase revenue across the board.   Reach out for a free contactless calculator or set up a few minutes with our team we are happy to walk through options and ideas as you find the best fit for your organization.

You may contact us at or call us at 833-300-6664 and we’ll get a specialist right for your hotel.

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