Top 10 Things to Know when looking at a Hotel Kiosk Technology


Top 10 Things to Know when looking at a Hotel Kiosk Technology

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With the “New Normal”, the top priority of any traveler, guest, or customer is – Convenience & Safety. This pandemic has notched up the sensitivity of people in how they engage or navigate all places of business and travel.   One of the key features for any service organization is providing options for all types of customers, allowing them to use technology in the way they see fit.  No matter the motivation for each guest from fear of getting ill to just wanting a more convenient option, Kiosks can help throughout the check-in and concierge experience.

Hotel Kiosk Solution

Kiosks are not new to the hospitality Industry but the next generation of the kiosk is far different than those of the past.   We often get the question Why do I need a Kiosk or What will the Kiosk do for our hotel?  Let me help answer a few of these questions while we get into our top 10 list.   Kiosks provide a contactless way to serve guests that aren’t using their smartphones typically older or international travelers.    The ability for Kiosks to help navigate guests to an easy-to-use check-in product is key, but also ensures you can offer upgrades and new ways of engagement to increase revenue and efficiency.  The core element as you read through this list is that Kiosks should complement your process, mobile, and safety strategies.    Not to mention its ability to fill many needs and purposes to help with peak check-in times, or moved around to help with groups and events check-ins, or even backed up lines for information and concierge services. Have you thought through the features that your lobby kiosk should have? Do you know what you should implement to help your guests thoroughly while earning ROI at the same time? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Let us discuss the top things that you should know and consider when implementing your very own hotel kiosk technology.

Best Hospitality Kiosk Features For 2020!

  1. Self-Serve Check-in or Check-out – Let your guests check-in or check-out directly on the kiosks without having to consult with any staff. Provide easy upgrade options, hotel maps, and ways to navigate directly to their room, restaurant, or amenities upon check-in!
  2. Provide Digital and Plastic Key options- Kiosks can help enforce and engage guests to utilize digital key options and provide new ways for them to learn about using technology to provide a more convenient and contactless way to connect to your hotel.   As well it provides traditional hotel guests ways to generate their own plastic key 24×7 from check in to I lost my key moments.   Reducing staff engagement and increasing guest satisfaction.
  3. Concierge services – Resort Wayfinding, Local destination maps, and key things to do on and off property can be integrated into any kiosk. Want to preorder food or schedule a spa, learn more about the best times to go to the pool, or catch a great hotel event.  Everything is at the fingertips of the hotel guest and available 24×7.
  4. Reservations and Ticketing- Give your guests the convenience of booking instant reservations in your restaurants or any of your local amenities.   Provide ticketing to local attractions and shows and help them navigate times and ways for the best experience possible.  Send instant direction and information from the kiosk to their smartphone.
  5. Interactive Mapping & Wayfinding – help your guests navigate your property from Kiosk to mobile and ensure a better experience. Since your guests will be traveling around the area, provide local maps and suggestions for the best places to go and visit.  Easily share directions driving, local transportation, or walking from kiosk to mobile.
  6. Deals, Coupons, and special offers – Remember to provide special coupons to your guests – whether it be one-off or specials, these will show that you appreciate them for staying. This is also a good way to connect with businesses and earn additional revenue through partnerships.
  7. Social media and user-generated content integration – everyone just loves letting everyone know where they’re at! Let your guests speak and promote for you as they share their special moment with the rest of their social media connections! Push great user-generated content through your Kiosk screens and lets the fun begin.
  8. Text & email sharing to Mobile – Since most travelers utilize their phone, a kiosk with the ability to share information from text or email is key. Connecting the dots between Kiosks in mobile is a core part of any strategy and each should help and complement the other.   Use each to alert guests of all types of events, notifications, mapping, and more easy sharing is key to a great experience on a kiosk!
  9. Advertising for additional revenue generation – utilize the power of your screen to showcase your local amenities and local business for additional revenue options and tracking. Connect the dots on ordering options and ways to utilize calls to action to encourage guests to schedule, book, and buy everything from gift store items to local events.
  10. Analytics- Learn more about your guests.   Kiosks are a great way to get better information on your guests, find preferences see where they are going, and understand how you can serve them better.  One of the biggest advantages of contactless technology is the amount of personalized information you can get to help service your guests deeper.    Any system you purchase should have ways to connect key data to guest profiles.  As well as provide better retargeting information for your marketing and sales teams.
What’s important is that you can leverage technology to help make opportunities out of unwanted circumstances. We know how to utilize these things that are within our reach now is the time to connect them to your processes to meet guests at the level they desire. Call us today to learn more about kiosks and check-in technology or new ways to help meet the demand for the next generation of guests.  Let us help you! Call us at 1-833-3006664 and we will get a kiosk specialist to provide you the right fit for your property.

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