Top 10 Things to Consider when Selecting Kiosk Technology


Top 10 Things to Consider when Selecting Kiosk Technology

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The travel industry has always been one of the strongest sectors due to endless exploration and destination possibilities. Travelers, along with their changing and evolving behavior, has set the standard of how they are adopting the new visitor journey. The evolution of technology has definitely changed the vision and expectations of visitors all around the globe. Digital, Mobile, and interactive devices have been a go-to for all their travel needs, so how do you actually promote and make your destination visitor-friendly with the rise of these new technologies?

Kiosk Solutions

Kiosks have played a vital role in providing assistance to visitors and guests in different travel areas – whether it be an airport, hotel lobby, visitor center, transportation, or key high-traffic area for any destination. With multiple functionalities offered, these investments have proven to be effective for both local and international destinations. These self-service kiosks allow you to reach your visitors 24×7 – 365, without the need for additional staff, expensive backend systems which lessen production costs while increasing efficiency for visitor and staff. In this blog, we will dig deeper into the best features of kiosks and what destinations can get out of them! 

Top Kiosk Features For Destinations

  • Wayfinding and interactive mapping
  • Preset and custom Itinerary options
  • Trolley tracker or public transportation information
  • Restaurant and attraction information & reservations
  • Deals and Offers- redemption and information
  • Ticketing sales for attractions, events, local shops, and restaurants
  • Social media and user-generated content integration
  • Text & email sharing to Mobile, Mobile device integration
  • Advertising for additional revenue generation
  • Built-in Analytical tools for stakeholder and destination Marketing opportunities

Benefits Of Deploying Digital Signage And Kiosks In Your Destination

Now that we have seen some of the top features of kiosks, it’s time to understand what benefits it provides to both the destination and the visitors. let’s list some of the top reasons why you should implement this technology in your destination and high traffic areas.

Top 10 Advantages To Interactive And Digital Signage Solutions:

  1. Visitors want digital options to connect and receive travel and local information. Destinations want improved visitor experience and new ways to help navigate and connect with local businesses and people.   Provide new ways to personalize, engage, and purchase with local restaurants, attractions, and outdoor adventures.   Giving connections and directions with or without speaking to staff.
  2. Directions, wayfinding, and mapping. The days of paper maps and visitor guides are slowly going away, interactive experiences connect interactive maps with mobile to ensure a clear picture of local areas and allow visitors to use their personal device to save, manage, and connect both online and offline with key navigation information.
  3. Providing key information for things to do, local suggestions and preset ways for visitor interests can be easily met with both itinerary examples and social media integration. Visitors love to share and connect their experiences from their mobile phones, give them visual examples, and ways to inspire them while connecting them to their favorite channels.  Get great feedback and visuals for your social channels while continuing to expand the reach and connect the dots with your hashtags!
  4. Utilize great visuals and content through digital screens located in key areas connecting imagery of your top destinations, videos of your best attractions, and mind-blowing cuisines in your area. There are endless marketing strategies and brand awareness promotions through kiosks and digital displays.
  5. Drive new revenue options for your organization and help local businesses through digital advertisements You can now easily sell advertisements across any screen while promoting local businesses and providing key visitor information. You may also implement coupons and deals and provide new ways to engage and track visitor spending.
  6. Sustainability becomes front and center by lessening the carbon footprint, and reducing paper! Through kiosks, you can easily provide digital brochures and Maps to your visitors reducing the need to print most of your paper assets. As well as expanding new ways to drive awareness and meet your visitors on the devices they use, save the environment while making things easier for your visitor isn’t that a win-win?
  7. Assists visitors with disabilities. While it may be a challenge to actually explore destinations for visitors with disabilities, kiosks and mobile applications help our special visitors on the pre-visit reservation to make their journey as seamless as possible. Some kiosks are created to help special visitors through bigger image displays and sound production.
  8. Welcome your international visitors by reducing the language barrier through kiosks. Maximize the translation services available through kiosks in letting your new travelers and visitors understand what’s nearby.
  9. There’s no need to have your visitor visit the front desk to take the survey – no more old school pen and paper feedback forms! Let your visitors reflect on what they think about your destination through digital review and feedback options. Know real-time what you have to improve and how you can still make their experience worthwhile while your visitors are still around.
  10. Measure your return on investment through analytics. Identify which contents are effective to your visitors through real-time analytics. Compare your data while learning more about your travelers, and share real-time information with your stakeholders

Lastly, be able to serve and accommodate your visitors even outside your working hours. 24/7 indoor or outdoor kiosks can assist with any of your local information even when your staff is not around so no more limits on engaging, especially your first-time travelers!

Travel has changed for us forever now with the ‘new normal’ destinations must also be able to provide seamless, and contactless ways of assisting new and returning travelers. Digital technology has to be utilized as it is created to make all our transactions more efficient and most safe for the travel industry.   We now have an opportunity to provide the next level of the visitor experience and connect the dots of our knowledge and existing systems to build lasting ways to help and connect local and global challenges to a long-term solution and opportunity for our communication.  Reach out to learn more and see how we are helping travel organizations around the world easily and affordably find a new path to visitor engagement.

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