The Top 5 Ways to Find the Right Interactive Kiosk for your Business

When picking the right kiosk for your business, the key considerations for kiosk implementation are seamless integration, UX experience, hardware quality, installation, and stability. 

The first question you want to ask yourself is what challenge you want to solve, or what opportunity do you see with this technology. From there, you have several decisions to make, and the 5 ways below should help you. Something to note, the biggest challenge you will likely have will be hardware management, ensuring someone to call, and that they can remote in or if needed, come onsite to fix your issues quickly.

At True Omni this has been a learning experience over many years to be the very best at Designing, Building, Deploying, and Supporting this technology.  It’s not just software it’s the whole package if you want to ensure these investments will provide real ROI.

1. Software and Integration – An Overview.

  • Any system you use should integrate easily with your existing data sources, CRM, CMS, Dropbox, WordPress you name it the provider should know how to get data and automatically update your product.
  • You should have control of the experience with the ability to manage the interface and make changes without having to call the vendor or company.
  • It should have several integration partners, and modules that allow you to drive features and experiences, to ensure engagement by your customers.

2. UI/ UX and Experience – Often overlooked or not understood.

  • Like Apple if you want your device to be used you need an interface and experience that works simply, quickly, and that it’s intuitive
  • Just because they sell hardware, or they say they build Kiosks doesn’t mean they know how to design an interactive experience.
  • No, your website will not work well or provide a good experience on an interactive Kiosk, sorry to break this to you there are several reasons.
    • It’s not built for quick and easy information and sharing.
    • It relies upon the internet being fast, out in the real world of Kiosk placement this is a continuous challenge.
    • It doesn’t allow for accurate analytics; different session times and many other things will get you inaccurate data.

3. Hardware – It may look the same, but it isn’t.

  • Most companies that sell Kiosks will sell you products right of Ali Baba or any Chinese product they can get for a low price- be careful.
  • If the product is not serviceable, or repairable you will have challenges if anything goes wrong, and it will.
  • Like commercial TVs or signage these products have to be built for 24×7 365 usage and cheap technology won’t last as long or look as good
  • Ensure it is built with aluminum, is rust-proof, and has a coating on it that can easily be washed or cleaned from graffiti or grubby hands.
  • Know the warranty and understand what happens where there is a problem, are they coming onsite, or are they shipping it back?

4. Installation & Monitoring

  • Who will install the hardware, and how will it be set up at the location there are important details here that you need to know?
  • What kind of internet, power, and installation process do they follow and is it clear?
  • What happens when an issue arises is someone monitoring the screens and hardware. Is someone monitoring the software?
  • How do they handle hardware and software issues, what is the lead time to repair?
  • What is the warranty and guarantee, do they have a track record?

5. Are they stable – Not just as a company are they interested or invested in your industry?

  • Ask for references and talk with the people that work with them.
  • Do they understand your integration partners have actually integrated with these organizations before?
  • How many units do they support and can they easily tell you how to manage and execute the management and control of your devices?
  • Do they know and understand your business to provide ongoing capabilities to grow and change as your business does?

I hope this helps as you evaluate the best interactive kiosk for your organization. As well I wanted to share with you why over 150 destinations and hotels select True Omni after researching other providers. To me, this is about our commitment to our customers. It comes from years of building a great company that we and our customers can be proud of, that cares about your business and your long term success.

The True Omni Promise

  • We guarantee integration with your partners, if not we will manage the data for you.
  • We assure you your software experience is a reflection of your brand.
  • We ensure unique, tested, and easy-to-use software experience built for your industry.
  • We make it easy to manage and control your experiences with a proven platform.
  • We ensure accessibility and compliance with ADA requirements with software & hardware.
  • We ensure seamless software setup and installation services no matter the hardware.
  • We ensure the right hardware fits with site surveys and on-site recommendations.
  • We provide you with 24×7 365 support to ensure quick answers and repairs.
  • Every product we sell is monitored and managed to ensure uptime.
  • We provide a 3-to-5-year warranty on everything we install, with on-site service.

True Omni can help you with the best kiosk for your travel or hotel organization, contact us through email or call 888-334-6664 to get a free consultation. 

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