The Future of Partnerships and Marketing Channels


The Future of Partnerships and Marketing Channels

Picture of By Regina Carrillo

By Regina Carrillo



1.   Community Resilience

2.   Partnerships and Alliances in the Travel and Tourism Industry

3.   Technology Adoption and Businesses

4.   True Omni’s Partnerships

5.   Marketing Channels, Platforms, and Systems


2021 and 2022 have been years of economic recovery for every industry and have required great efforts from all stakeholders to come back to normal and foresee growth in the near future. It is admirable to know that companies from all industries have opted to take risks and adopted new measures and strategies to strengthen their business models in order to come back stronger than pre-pandemic. An example of new mindsets, new opportunities and new challenges.

In this blog I focus on the Travel and Tourism industry and how the power of community can help overcome any challenge, as Margaret J. Wheatley said: “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”. Continuously building and nourishing partnerships and adopting a marketing strategy that includes multiple technology channels are two of our favorite ways of mastering the upcoming challenges of 2023. 

1. Community Resilience


2020 was the year where most industries were rattled, disrupted, or even tragically devastated by necessary shutdowns. People were forced to find new ways of living and doing things and just like them, the Travel and Tourism industry was no exception. This industry itself is responsible for 10% of global GDP,  and therefore a fast recovery and support is mandatory.

Independently of challenges, we found that being part of a community has never been as fun as in 2022. Supporting local businesses, diversity and sustainability awareness were in everybody’s mind and are forecasted to grow in 2023, but it is important to start leveraging development drivers and strategies according to the World Economic Forum’s travel and tourism development recovery article.

2. Partnerships and Alliances in the Travel and Tourism Industry


Destination Marketing Organizations have always been partnering with hotels, restaurants, airports and many other businesses along the destination. DMOs’ main goal is to promote a destination and thus everything there is to know and visit about it. 

Partnerships have helped develop strategies and promote mutually beneficial relationships among the community but we should also have in consideration that good partners and allies can be found in all industries, technology being a growing one.

3. Technology Adoption and Businesses


We are expected to have an accelerated digital transformation in 2023, with artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), cloud computing, blockchain, and super-fast network protocols like 5G all already in businesses’ eyes. To prepare for this, industries must ensure they implement the right technology throughout their processes, in every area of operations. This transition implies as well a huge collaboration among technology companies, businesses’ management and workforce to develop and train these new sets of skills needed to operate new technologies.


4. True Omni’s Partnerships


True Omni’s vision is to develop technology that helps the Travel and Tourism industry innovate in ways that are easy to use, and improve the visitor experience. We understand that this is not an easy job nor something that we can do by ourselves and that is why we continue to partner with many companies in the industry. We seek to complement the technology of one with the market access of another.

Integration is key to our ecosystem, giving DMOs the freedom to choose and use the platform or vendor that they decide according to their needs and goals. We see technology adoption not as based on ownership but on connections and communications.


5. Marketing Channels, Platforms and Systems


Any company has to find its own list of partners, at the end it is all about collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships. At True Omni for example we partnered with DMOs like Visit Seattle, Visit San Francisco or Visit Hawaii at the same time that we did with companies like Crowdriff, Bandwango, DTN and Shopify to help them integrate their accounts into one single platform that can be managed and pushed through web, app and kiosk options.

At the end being a good partner has become a key corporate asset, it is a company’s collaborative advantage and in the global economy, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations gives companies a significant competitive advantage.

For more information on consolidating and leveraging your current investments into a strategic strategy, give us a call at 833-300-6664 or email us at click below or reach out to get a demo of the OmniPlatform and see the possibilities.



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