The Art of Hotel Technology: Implementing Contactless Guest Experiences


The Art of Hotel Technology: Implementing Contactless Guest Experiences

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As hotel technology continuously evolve, more and more guests prefer the luxury of handling their reservation and working around their bookings and itineraries on through their own. Utilizing personal mobile devices and in-property’s touch screen solutions play a big role in defining what “Next-generation” contactless experience truly means. 

How do Mobile and Kiosk hotel check-in function within hotel settings?

Not only does mobile and kiosk hotel check-in help guests, but it also actually helps hotels manage staff efficiency too. It lessens expenditure in having to assign multiple staff members to assist in the check-in and checkout process. This gives staff more time to assist guests with essential activities and requests, resulting in a possible ‘next-level service and review.

How? Here’s the mobile way. Typically, after checking in through the hotel’s mobile app, A guest goes through a verification process. After the validation process, the guest is provided a mobile digital key linked to the device that they are using. Through that mobile digital key, the guest can easily tap their phone and open their room while connected to local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth services.

For kiosk check-in, a guest would normally walk up to the hotel lobby kiosk and validate their identity. After validating the guest and his reservation, the hotel kiosk should be able to dispense the appropriate keycard without needing human-to-human contact. Note that during all these processes, the guest didn’t have to expose their identity through a hotel staff leaving all of these transactions confidential and safe.  A well as providing new ways for getting new keys conveniently.

Mobile and Kiosk Check-in solutions are usually combined with other contactless options such as mobile hotel concierge, mobile guest to staff communication, and mobile/kiosk food ordering for a whole another level of experience. As you can see, these hotel options allow properties to assign common tasks to their new technology, lessening human error and reducing language barrier/incompatibility.

Why Should Hotels opt for Kiosk and Mobile implementations?

Now that we have fully understood the process of checking in and out through mobile and kiosk let’s now fully understand what the benefits are for you as a hotelier, and for your guests to remember.

  1. Promote Convenience

Everyone is mindful of following precautionary measures and would prefer to lessen human-to-human contact. Millennials and even seasoned guests now prefer to utilize technology in completing their requests and transactions. In the hospitality industry, allowing your guests to utilize their mobile phones for checking in during their preferred time and location would be very convenient. And for those who are already on-property, most of the guests would prefer to walk up into kiosks rather than fall in line and be in contact with other guests and or the concierge. In fact, this makes more sense, considering the number of guests versus the preferred social distancing gap which could lead to very long lines. The use of technology seems to be mandatory nowadays, and this is a fact. So, if you want to create a mobile app for your hotel, know first the best tips and options in creating a great hospitality app.

  1. Create impressions: Boosting Guest’s experience/loyalty.

With the option to check-in or out on their own, your guests would most likely feel that they have control over their reservation and booking as a whole. For first-time guests, this could be a very good experience which could leave a remarkable impression and most likely remember you as they plan their next trip to the area. Ensure you are giving them enough reason to leave a positive review! As you know, 81% of travelers frequently or always read reviews before booking a hotel while 96% consider reviews important in the research phase. So, a few things to remember to create an unforgettable experience: provide personalized services, hassle-free transactions, great amenities, and possibly money-saving options! (Because why not?)

  1. Personalized services and communication

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to figure out your guests’ preferred amenities or food preferences prior to their check-in? Well, you actually can. Through mobile or kiosk’s real-time data gathering, you can actually get to know your guests better and provide targeted services. In case you haven’t figured it out, your hotel brand can provide a better guest experience not just during the stay but from pre-arrival to post! But before you implement a mobile or touch solution, we highly suggest you read through the Top things you need to know when implementing a hotel kiosk or app.

  1. Generate additional revenue for your hotel.

Use your technological platform in creating additional ways for your hotel to earn revenue. Use your newly implemented technology as a powerful marketing tool that can help with promotions, partnerships, and guest engagement. Promote your hotel’s new and best-selling amenities such as restaurants, book series spa come on other sought-after family-friendly activities. Also, through advertisements, you can help pay for your new technology and at the same time reflect ROI as you go along. If you haven’t checked yet, here’s what you need to know about driving revenue through display advertising. Use existing partnerships to sell ticketing or establish new connections with local shops restaurants or attractions to promote deals and coupons for your guests to enjoy.

If you are looking for an all-in-one, omnichannel solution for your property, True Omni can definitely provide expert and well-thought-through implementations. From custom-branding, designing to deployment, our team will be right with you. For more information, free quote, and a demo, call us at 833-300-6664 or email

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