Are you ready to discover the diverse roots of early America? Welcome to Stafford County, Virginia. They offer 5 interstate exits with a wide array of outdoor activities for travelers of all ages. Visitors can engage in different outdoor activities, ale trails, restaurants, breweries, professional theater, and more. And just in case you are not aware, Captain John Smith and Princess Pocahontas met on Stafford, Virginia’s shores. 

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Cosmic II




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Key Goal:

Virginia Tourism generates about $25Billion in domestic visitor spending, so no doubt that they are clearly receiving an overwhelming amount of visitors. It is one of their main goals to be able to continuously help travelers any time of the day and in key locations- always providing key information 24×7 and connecting key events and experiences. Stafford County looked for a robust solution to efficiently provide indoor and outdoor visitor information technology. Here are some of their key goals:


Stafford County, in partnership with True Omni, launched an outdoor and indoor portable kiosk solution for their destination. The key goal for this implementation is to create a deeper engagement with travelers by connecting them with their much-needed local information. Here’s an overview of the features and modules deployed for Stafford:

Core Functionality:

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