Recent studies show that 95% of visitors read reviews prior to booking their travel, where 70% of these consumers actually value recommendations from their peers!

This much conversion opens a gate full of engagements, awareness and revenue generation. Brands and destinations are now looking for options to raise brand advocacy by boosting their user-generated content.

Stackla continuously breaks the standard of UGC marketing by actively redefining their solution. Their digital asset managers and AI-powered platform fuels a highly personalized brand experience from their over 500 global brand customers. Stackla provides a robust solution from the backend by allowing an in-publishing suite – this enables multi-touchpoint publishing, covering ads, emails, web and social media accounts.

What’s the missing piece then?

TrueOmni and Stackla partnered to:

  • Grant full integration of a brand or destination’s UGC across all digital touch point devices – kiosks, touchscreens, displays, videowalls and mobile
  • Immerse your visitors with authentic human experience on-site or just anywhere your hashtags will reach.
  • Provide an unmatched integration, not only to Stackla but even to existing CRMs to serve the hottest, real-time content.

28% rise in engagement to all social media channel post is a significant number to any digital marketing approach. Now that almost 86% of organizations use UGC, it is expected that with the rise of competition in the travel and tourism industry.

An integrated middleware approach with Omniplatform allows our customer to easily utilize existing system in social and data solutions. With new ways to connect, web and on location technology. TrueOmni, together with Stackla, aims to provide deeper, personalized brand engagement with local and international visitors by letting them share their travel stories through any device.