Solterra’s main goal is to create projects that embody sustainable craft construction and community-oriented design meant to enhance guest and property ownership experience. Since 2008, Solterra’s vision is to make not only human-to-human connections amongst property owners but also with the space and the overall natural environment

Products Used


CiCo – Countertop


Cosmic II

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Hotel Lobby



Key Goal:

Solterra has ingrained in their values the option to showcase a deeper commitment to sustainability and would like to apply this all throughout their properties. In this regard, they are in search of a software/hardware partner who can help reduce carbon footprint and promote advanced booking, touchless technology options, and new ways of guest experience and engagement. Here are some of the features that they want to implement.


In this partnership, we focused on an integrated booking widget providing an omnichannel way of booking and amenity sales. Combined with interactive screens and mobile progressive web app solutions, avoiding app stores and opening up easy connection points. With key integrations with all selected partners and ensuring a central management point for easy navigation and engagement options. Here is the key basis of the project:

Core Functionality:

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