The revolutionary vision of Salesforce in creating a cloud-based solution vs the contemporary CRM software sent their name to the top of the list. Being the first and only SaaS company back in 2000s, they provided a new direction to small and large business’s strategy in efficiently managing their internal data. Salesforce has just been recently awarded by Forbes as one of 2018’s Most Innovative Companies in the world and have been climbing the ladder of the Fortune 500 companies since 2013.

Salesforce has evolved from a standard CRM platform, to an all-around solution in managing marketing, sales, social help desk and more. They have also created an official developer platform (the first PaaS) and launched their own marketplace for all third-party apps that can integrate with them. Along with all other 150,000 brands, San Francisco Travel and Visit Orlando also relied on Salesforce for their content management.

With the arising competition on the destination side, unique visitor experience plays a vital role to outstand the others. San Francisco wanted to provide a digital solution that can integrate with their existing CRM to:

True Omni worked hand in hand with Salesforce to provide the freshest content on all digital displays and touchscreens.
By allowing our True Omni  to work as a middleman between these 2 systems, we instantaneously provided a more personalized approach to visitor’s informational needs.

The integration provides easy backend access and secured data transfer for the local management while extending solutions to Kiosk, Touch, Digital Display and Videowall technology.