Providing Successful Hotel Guest Experience through Digitalization


Providing Successful Hotel Guest Experience through Digitalization

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As the hospitality industry transition from traditional to digital, hoteliers, obviously have to step-up the marketing and corporate strategies to drive better service, value, and retention. Almost 96% of guests are equipped with at least one smart device as they travel. But what is the real key to providing a successful guest experience? Will digitalization be enough? 

The transformation includes allowing your digitally-enabled guests to experience an omnichannel approach. It has to be more than just allowing them to connect but giving them the privilege to customize their stay as it fits.

Guests nowadays want to maximize the use of technology, mainly for convenience. Extending personalization to instances such as allowing food and service ordering services and guest-to-staff communication right into their fingertips.

From the hotel’s perspective, digitalization is more than just boosting a high-touch guest experience – it is a way of anticipating what’s not expected. Improving productivity and operational efficiencies are few of the foundational reasons of implementation. Cloud-based platforms allow easier back-end management, providing staff different acquirable tasks completed easily in no time. Talk about hotel management, we mean automation, concierge, guest services and housekeeping.

Apart from reducing human intervention and providing self-service options, this technology allows revenue generation. Advertising and ticketing are commonly used extensions for hoteliers to see better ROI. One other big game-changer is data management for loyalty programs. Guests would most often than not go for better loyalty packages and rewards if it would mean convenience for the same value.

Other fields where technology sets hoteliers at the top would be for distribution, marketing and reputation management. Beyond guest experience, data is used to power booking engine management, social media technology, data marketing, surveys and review/rating systems.

Hoteliers must consider digitalization not because it is popular, but because guests nowadays rely on pre-visit experience through OTA’s and major review sites. Better management of OTAs then allow more engagement, acquisition, and visibility. It is a win-win situation, isn’t it? Providing top customer service happens not only through in-room facilities but with the overall customer journey guest experience on-property.

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