CiCo – Countertop


Upgrade your hospitality service with the sleek and efficient CiCo Check-In/Check-Out Countertop Unit. Designed to enhance both guest experience and operational efficiency, this unit is an indispensable addition to any modern hotel or hospitality setting.

Key Features:

  • ID / Passport Scanner: Streamlines the check-in process with a high-precision scanner for quick and secure ID and passport verification.
  • 24/7 Guest Access: Offers guests the convenience of checking in and out at any time, fully accommodating varying arrival and departure schedules.
  • Instant Key Generation: Delivers room keys immediately during check-in, minimizing wait times and granting immediate room access.
  • LED Wrapped Screen: Customize the LED screen with your brand colors, making it not only a functional necessity but also a part of your hotel’s aesthetic.
  • Increased Revenue from Upgrades: Intuitively suggests room upgrades and additional services, leveraging upsell opportunities to boost revenue directly at the point of interaction.

The CiCo Countertop Unit integrates seamlessly into your service flow, providing a touch of modern efficiency that enhances guest satisfaction and drives revenue. Ideal for hotels looking to modernize their guest interactions and streamline operations.

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Table Top


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