Oracle is one of the biggest names in the CRM industry with its undisputed intuitive interface paired with a wide variety of product lines. They provide both strategic and full functionality while ensuring that their platform integrates with most systems, adaptable and of course – affordable. Bagging several awards, winning excellence in both their solutions, customer service, and technical assistance.

Key Goals:

A lot of companies have used Oracle as their CRM including destinations, retail and most commonly, the hospitality industry. All scales and industries believed in how they can help boost and optimize the sales process and productivity hence the growing number of users as time passes by. Hotel Next and several other organizations like Sandals Beach Resorts integrate with Symphony and Opera solutions. Both with the core focus on extending services to allow easy management with the existing system while utilizing mobile and kiosk for engagements between staff and guests. The aim is to utilize mobile and touch features that would:



With TrueOmni’s partnership with Oracle and the ability to connect to several versions, we created a customized user experience across both mobile and kiosk. The partnership involves direct API connection to Google Symphony and Opera product lines. These capabilities allowed us to:

Core functionality: