Top 3 things to know about selecting the right Kiosk Software and building a touch strategy

The right Kiosk Software is a great opportunity to approach to your costumers. You only need to choose the right one. Here we will tell the most important things you have to know about selecting the right Kiosk Software and building a touch strategy.

It is challenging to get customers engaged in a world with too many options and messages, we are all flooded with information overload. Technology can be used strategically to connect with customers bringing a positive and personalized experience.

Using your website or selecting a non-connected solution seems to be a popular direction but will typically result in under delivering for you and your customer. Here are some options you will want to consider to ensure your Kiosk software and solution provides a positive experience for your users.

  1. Kiosk software should allow you to connect to existing CRM, CMS and outside data sources. This shouldn’t be an afterthought but part of the solution as a whole.
  2. Kiosk Platform or CMS is required but if used properly should only be needed for navigation changes or additions to Kiosk interface. The rest should be automated.
  3. The UI or UX should be customized to touch experiences, think if Apple decides to use a website for their iPhones.  There is a reason an interface is created to ensure mass adoption, ease of navigation and usage.

What Does This Mean As You Think Through Your Kiosk Strategy?

A Kiosk should connect and create an omnichannel experience of individual customer touchpoints, allowing the customer to easily transfer between Kiosk and Mobile Engagement.   Allowing you to build conversion rates and drive convenience as a complete strategy.  The solution should integrate with your marketing strategy-channels and connects with your clients to learn more and drive better experiences on however they choose to connect with your brand.

Total Integration With Your System And Channels

Another platform is not usually the goal here, but many times required to ensure focused results when implementing Kiosk technology.   However, there are options that should complement your existing investments.  Look for a solution that provide middleware options to make it easy for implementation while providing new tools that can expand functionality across all digital channels.

Analytic System

Data is gold and your channels have a lot of information about your customers. It’s important that your kiosk software can be able to integrate and provide a better understanding  for your destination or your on property customer.Any Kiosk software solution you select should have specific analytics built for touch environments.Kiosks are not websites and require systems built for touch environments if you want true analytics.

Working On And Offline

Kiosk software should run and function like an app on your phone, it should work with or without internet and connect as needed.Keeping bandwidth requirements low and also ensuring the experience continues to work no matter the situation.As you deploy Kiosks, environments change and also the control of access can change ensure your solution prepares for public access.

We hope this information is helpful. We love our industry and what we do.If you are considering a touch, display or mobile solution, we hope you consider our Omnichannel platform.With over 10 years of experience as a solution provider, integrator and marketing organization, we have put all of our knowledge and passion towards better customer experiences.

Call For A Free Consultation. We Are Happy To Share Information So You Can Make The Best Decision For Your Organization.

Touch As A Service

  • OMNI Interactive Kiosk
  • OMNI Touch Screen

Platform, Services & Support

  • OMNI Data Tools
  • OMNI Data Integration
  • OMNI Kiosk Analytics
  • OMNI Support

Standard Extensions

  • OMNI Advertising
  • OMNI Forms
  • OMNI Deals
  • OMNI Events
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • OMNI Social
  • Kiolytics

Recommended Extensions

  • Google Translate
  • OMNI Photo Booth
  • OMNI Loyalty
  • OMNI Events
  • Surveys
  • OMNI Social
  • OMNI Faces

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