New Ways to Drive revenue through Digital Display Advertising


New Ways to Drive revenue through Digital Display Advertising

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In our new contactless world, digital products and services are no longer optional, they are now necessary. The post-Covid era had left organizations, hotels, and destinations no choice but to utilize online services in communicating and reaching current and potential customers.

One of the most familiar visual-based online advertisement forms is “Banner advertising” otherwise known as “Display advertising”. This enables communication with the desired audience and target market through visual items such as videos, animations, logos, and other graphic imagery. These advertisements are commonly found in social media platforms, websites, and mobile applications. 

Why go for Display advertising?

Display advertisements do not solely rely on Click-through Rates (CTR) as this actually boosts the intention to purchase, not to mention brand recognition. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from deploying display advertisements.

  1. Digital display ads are definitely one of the safest and most reliable investments as it drives relevance by featuring highly visual contents that yield higher guest and visitor engagement. This allows your organization to be as creative as possible and be able to showcase your destination/brand’s best visual assets.
  2. Promoting Brand awareness – Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has done previous research showing how effective digital display advertising is. It showed to have boosted brand awareness by 21% for all campaigns done through digital displays. It increased the intent to purchase by 3% and overall education by 2%. This just means to show that placing relevant advertisements on displays, websites, or mobile apps can definitely help brands or local businesses be known especially to new visitors.
    1. If you are a Destination or a Hotel, you can utilize existing or new digital devices to promote local businesses and partners. Through Omnichannel, you can easily reach your target market within the premise or outside through geofencing.
  1. It is seen that Display advertising has generated 31% of ad-based bookings overtaking branded search.
  2. In 2019 alone, digital display advertising through different platforms has generated bookings more than Tripadvisor and Google Hotel ads, combined.
  1. Targeted Ads allow you to pick and choose the most relevant ads to place on pages or screens that you think fits the parameters. Targeted ads will allow you to fully choose the applicable ads for your target market depending on the location or time of day. The combination of display and competitive SEO content can definitely attract and educate your desired customers or visitors.
  2. They cost less. Unlike other forms of advertising channels, digital display runs and gets charged mainly on the number of impressions received. Unlike TV or radio ads that require huge production costs, digital advertisements allow you to utilize even just your local competent graphic team. Rates for about a thousand impressions on a website can cost roughly from as low as 50 cents, depending on the site and ad placement.
  3. Know your potential customers through effective analytics – ad tracking and engagement. Without Analytical tools backing up your digital advertisements, it would all fall down to pieces. Use advanced analytic systems that can track customer engagements on different channels and even across digital devices. If you are utilizing digital display/Omnichannel ads, know that finding the right analytics would empower revenue generation by knowing the right content to use for people within your property. As you gather prominent information about your guests/travelers, you can simply impose different applicable promotional offers or advertisements
  4. Within a specific region or area
  5. Depending on the time of the day

As technology continues to innovate, today is definitely the time to invest and integrate digital display advertisements. If you are a destination or a hotel looking for an experienced technology firm that can implement ads on your existing devices, you can freely contact us at and we will have a strategist to help you gain the ROI that you are aiming for.

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