Do you know that the New Jersey wine’s history dates back to as far as 1758? Back in the day, Great Britain’s Royal Society offered a reward to any colonist who can create wine at par with France’s. And so two William Alexander and Edward Antill from New Jersey succeeded and were given £200 which is about $10,000 today! New Jersey now, has proven to be one of the largest wine producers, nationwide. Back in 2016, they produced over 2 million gallons of wine totaling to a retail value of about $30 million!

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As NJ continues to produce quality wine, the number of visitors on a yearly basis is increasing. In fact, they grow over 40 varieties of grapes throughout the state making them one of the most sought-through places for wine lovers, couples, friends and families. Due to the increase of demands in accessing their locations or wine trails, they wanted an upgraded mobile experience that would provide tools and education and new ways to enjoy and document the wine lovers’ experience. Some key user-friendly contactless approach True Omni implemented:


True Omni worked closely with IGM Creative Group to provide New Jersey Wine Growers Association the overall mobile solution for both their iOS and Android user visitors. From design to functionalities, True Omni enhanced the previous app version to ensure it matches the current branding with more features for the users to enjoy. Here are the included functionalities deployed for NJ wine

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