The Centennial State offers the great gateway to both Black canyon and Gunnison National park, cradling the two of the best recreational area for families and friends. With great food and rich history, paired with festivals and concerts on the side, Montrose really pulls off their all-year-round destination haven for all ages.

Key Goals:

City of Montrose aimed to digitalize current visitor centers through the use of their existing hardware. They are in search of a partner who would help promote better visitor engagement while incorporating current technology to better provide visitor convenience. Some of the common features that they are in need:



Without losing the value of their current touchscreen devices, TrueOmni provided a more robust and comprehensive solution to their visitor center needs. Together with the help of the City of MontroseTrueOmni launched their existing touchscreens built with the omni kiosk next generation application the following features:

Core functionality: