Mobile PWA

(Progressive Web App)

Mobile that adapts to your users and increases engagement and convenience. Easily activate your mobile app to connect with your Kiosk and Website.

This is how TrueOmnis Mobile PWA works

Feature Rich Mobile Engagement with less costs and more functionality

Custom and Unique Design & Functionality ensures your product gets used

Any device feature access, Mapping, Itinerary, Ticketing, Advertising and more

Integrate with your existing data feeds, and provide automatic updates

Manage Content & Experience- Through an easy to use centralized OmniPlatform

Modules that ensure your product gets used

Omni Mobile is built around the newest technology called the Progressive Web App (PWA), this ensures more downloads by providing more ways to access. Simply provide an instant download link or QR code, and push to the app stores.


Things to Do


Interactive Map




Photo Booth


Places to Stay






Itinerary Builder



67% of mobile users will leave an app if its slow or too many steps to get to the information they want

All mobile is not created equal, design, quickness and accessibility is why over 100 customers switched to PWA last year. Ensuring better access and easier ways to connect your experiences across any device.

The Preferred Choice for Mobile Experience

Mobile PWA is the best first step for companies who wants to upgrade hospitality and their business results.

Take your customers from experience to transaction

Simplify how customers can access and keep & engage

Streamline management and connectivity

Integration made simple and straightforward with dynamic modules

Keep control while elevating your omni channel standards

Hear It from Our Clients

Discover how TrueOmni is modernizing companies with PWA Success Stories and Testimonials

Begin Your PWA Journey in 4 Easy Steps:


Engaging Demo

Experience PWA in action


Tailored Integration Review

Customized to fit seamlessly with your operations.


Brand Alignment

Ensuring PWA reflects your brand’s look and feel.


Smooth Hardware & Software Setup

Guided, efficient, and professional setup.

Upgrade Your Mobile Experience with PWA

Interested in taking your mobile products to the next level? Progressive web apps give you all features of mobile for half the price and double the downloads.