Coastal Mississippi is known for their 26-mile-long scenic coastal beach, and their wealthy domestic seafood supplies. After the record-breaking $6.3 billion tourism revenue last 2017, it has been a great challenge for, what previously was Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast, to continue to engage and build upon a focused high-level tourism marketing strategy and beat that year’s 23.15 million visitors


With increased travelers, the stage was set for driving engagement between destination, tours, and hotels. With the core goals of educating visitors to experience the Gulf Coast area and keeping focus on the uniqueness of Mississippi Gulf Coast. With many new and local travelers, the goal was to increase awareness while driving sustainability through a mobile application that would guide travelers through the destination. Key metrics are listed as follows:

Key goals:


TrueOmni had the pleasure to work strategically with Coastal Mississippi to have the most suitable travel app for their destination. Allowing to provide ease of use to their visitors by incorporating different modules to support gamification and learning.   Through scavenger hunts, itinerary building and local events and information.

Here are some of the highlighted features:

Core functionality:

Visitor Experience

Social Content

Generate Ad Revenue

Data Capture