With a population of over 100,000, Minnesota’s Rochester is well known to be one of the best cities to live in as well as being one of the popular destinations for local and international tourists. More than the many scenic spots and great food variations, Rochester lived up to its captivating history. From the Wall of Remembrance to the Silver Lake, the city just won’t run out of awesome places to discover.

Key Goals:

Due to the extensive annual growth of visitors, Rochester Minnesota thought of getting a technological solution to help with their visitor services. Bookings on hotels and local attractions have increased simultaneously, so they wanted to look for options in using kiosks and touchscreen devices in expanding revenue while providing convenience to their onsite visitors. Here are some of the other core features that they wanted implemented:


TrueOmni had the pleasure to work with Experience Rochester to drive deeper engagement to visitors through existing touchscreen and display devices. As part of this initiative, we have implemented about 7 units across the visitor center and 2 hotel locations to provide the local scene a more digitalized approach to unique visitor experience. Here’s what we have implemented:

Core functionality: