Working with over 90 destinations and hospitality businesses, Miles unquestionably know the strategy to a successful digital content marketing solution. From research and analytics, to the guest’s or traveler’s experience, Miles ensures that they deliver successful results.

As Miles value long-term relationships with their clients, it is evident that they explore every possible opportunity for a sensible commitment. Brands and destinations explore different ways to boost customer relations as well as their guest’s experiences. This involves technological advancement in different verticals: mobile, web and on-property. Upgrading to these kinds of advanced facilities will bring several challenges including:

True OMNI worked hand-in-hand with several Miles customer such as Amelia CVB and one of our newest projects, Louisiana Tourism. The power of integration through our OmniPlatform allowed our customers to use Miles and save time in recreating a new platform for back-end content management.

They can easily navigate and customize our user-friendly platform, creating a positive experience both for their visitors and the local team their selves. They can also start integrating their UGC by empowering their selected hashtags shared across all their social media accounts. In addition to these features, we also provide a 24-hour, as well as on-site support when necessary.