Making the Case for Digital displays and Kiosks in Travel


Making the Case for Digital displays and Kiosks in Travel

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Travel has changed forever. Providing contactless, self-service, and virtual communication is what visitors now require. This article will explain further why deploying self-service kiosks in your destination can revolutionize your visitor experience while aligning with your chamber’s goals and visions. Making the case for a technology investment in the travel industry is an essential step in moving forward to a higher level of service. 

Choosing The Right Investment

In the midst of the COVID-19 Recovery, each destination must be prepared to be competitive enough to engage and attract more visitors. Embracing innovation is now a requirement, not only to travel but to all industries that required face-to-face communication and interactions. It is imperative to get your team on board by providing the highlights of how this investment will generate ROI. So, let’s explore some of the best features of why creating your own digital signage network is the key!

Below is a list of how investment in kiosks can fulfill this need while generating revenue and positive impact to the bottom line.

  1. Getting around the area – Allow your visitors to learn more about the destination. Find a solution that will integrate with different modules to make exploring the area easier. Use mobile notifications to alert your visitors to nearby attractions. Make sure you deploy one of all of these great mapping features on your kiosks:
    1. Interactive mapping
    2. Wayfinding and Directions
    3. Transportation Information
    4. Alerts and Notifications
  2. Play, Stay, Shop & Dine – Let your visitors learn more about local businesses while allowing them to enjoy discounts and coupons. Make reservations easier through kiosk bookings and share them directly through texts or email.
    1. Dynamic content and information
    2. 360 Video content
    3. Coupons & Deals
    4. Reservations / Menus
    5. Email & Text Sharing
  3. Generate Revenue – ensure you generate strong returns through different advertising options. Digital display ads provide lower ad costs with a broader reach. Build brand visibility while engaging customers through your visually appealing content all throughout your deployments.
    1. Advertising and Ticketing
    2. Create Awareness
    3. Drives local connections
    4. Ad engagement analytics
  4. Extended Features – Showcase your organization’s specialty! Feature your wineries, food and hiking trails through interactive Trails extension. Let your visitor create and choose which attraction spots to visit with custom and preset itinerary builders, which they can send directly from the kiosks to their mobile phones. Get feedback on-site to know where your destination can improve best!
    1. Interactive Trails- Ale/Historic/Hiking
    2. Itinerary Building- Custom & Suggested
    3. Guestbook & Survey
    4. People Count/Demographic recognition
  5. Learn more about your visitors by implementing a cross platform analytic system on your digital devices or kiosks. Find the most accurate information about your visitor’s preferences and use them for current or future use.
    1. Real-time Analytics and Data
    2. Deeper visitor information
    3. Real-time stakeholder Data
    4. Automated, accurate reporting

Revenue Generation Through Digital Signage Network

Your digital displays and kiosks are not just there to help your visitors, but also provide you a flowing source of income. This would help your destination have a constant pool of revenue while exceeding your visitor’s expectations and experiences!

  1. Connecting the dots – Whether starting with Kiosks, Digital Signages or Video Wall, the first step is building digital assets that connect from Online, Traditional and Signage.
  2. Adding Revenue Assets – The more screens you have connected, with a common goal that drive value while creating awareness, the more Ad revenue you can create.
  3. Selling the Ads – Three options: Choose an advertising organization to sell ads for you and they take a %, Sell yourself, Or Connect to an advertising network.
  4. Programmatic Advertising – Advertisers want hyper-focused connections with their customers. Kiosks and signages with the right data, allow strategic time of purchase placements.
  5. Content Connections – Manage content by time of day and location. Connect your digital assets to drive big impact to local and national advertisers. Integrate your web systems for auto-updates.

As travel destinations continue to innovate, today is definitely the time to invest in the right products and services. If you are a destination looking for an experienced technology firm that can implement Omnichannel services you can freely contact us and we will have a strategist to help you with your goals and vision.

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