The Great Pine Tree state is not only known for its iconic lighthouses and lobsters but also their wild uncharted expanses and cruises that are best for family getaways! 2018 had been a strong tourist year increasing lodging, cruise line, and campground bookings. With a 3,748-mile coastline, summer seems to be the strongest time of the year as both sightseeing, kayaking, wind jamming, and nature exploration tops their visitor’s itineraries.

Key Goals:

To improve the visitor center experience and update to a more digital presence through its key visitor centers. Maine Tourism decided to seek an Omnichannel solution that provided a foundation to connect its existing systems and expand new ways to drive awareness and revenue. Some of the functionalities that they are looking to implement include the following:


TrueOmni teamed up with Maine to implement a robust interactive and digital signage solution to engage with their travelers. The key solution is providing a unique visitor experience while allowing the center to focus on new ways of engagement. Maine Tourism is looking for a more digitally connected approach to communicating and providing sufficient local information that every traveler needs to know. Implemented kiosks and digital displays in key traffic areas to engage, save time, provide easy sharing to mobile devices and increase marketing presence.

Core functionality: