Louisiana, the birthplace of Jazz, is not only known for the greatest Mardi Gras celebrations, but also for world-class premiere multicultural history. Whether it’s exploring the deep Southern swamplands, partying to live Cajun music, exploring, camping or tasting Creole culinary flavors – Louisiana has it. From a record breaking 51.3 million visitors in 2018, Louisiana is expected to drive more tourists as they strategize new ways in promoting their local tourist spots.

Key Goals:

Upgrade all visitor centers with a digital experience solution.Providing new ways for visitors to engage, align with the changing times, capture demographics, and support international visitors with more digital communication options. Ensure fully automated content updates through the Miles Data Engine allowing real-time content, advertising, and byways information. The following would be our objectives:



TrueOmni, Louisiana Travel, and Miles Media worked together to roll out over 15 kiosks, digital signage, and integrated mobile applications across 10 visitor centers and the state. Powered by Miles Media through their CRM, CMS, and Advertising engine for easy updates and ongoing management. Connect through the OmniPlatform, to complete an omnichannel solution that allows each team to manage the experience by location or screen, focusing content by time of day, easy module data points. Each solution will reduce paper, connect brand content, and provide translation options for visitors. The change from traditional to digital has given staff members new and safer ways to engage, but still connects locals and visitors to the great experiences and southern hospitality of Louisiana. Here’s a list of the implemented features:

Core Functionalities: