The continuous empowerment of Los Angeles’ tourism sector has helped them achieved an upward visitor statistical trend. Since 2017’s 48.5 million visitor record, tourism has hit an all-time high of 50 million visitors in 2018. And after eight years in a row of continuous tourism growth, it is imperative to ensure they serve their local and international visitors with a global visitor service solution.

Key Goals:

With the drastic number of visitors coming in and out of the airports, terminals and welcome centers, one admin-per-visitor is no longer possible. There is a growing need to find a robust kiosk solution to answer and automate the process of entertaining visitors – this is when LA Tourism knew they needed help. Few of the goals involved:



TrueOmni created a contemporary solution in solving LA Tourism’s desire in showcasing their destination through host properties. Through the extensive use of modern touch technology, LA Tourism had the benefit of both worlds: income generation while educating the visitors and providing virtualized solutions for their host properties. Here are some of the features provided:

Core functionality: