2018’s Best Commercial Integrator by InfoComm, LG has significantly changed the industry standard in simplifying the integration process across all digital devices.

With the integration of the Omnichannel on mobile, display & touch and upon launching of WebOs, the core connection between the Omni Platform and Samsung WebOs became pinnacle to our partnership.
Providing customers new ways for them to create, share, and manage their brand, marketing content, and device engagement.


TrueOmni has the pleasure to work with QSR and restaurants around the world. In-N-Out was core to the engagement through WebOS in providing ways to engage employees and customers, at key locations. INO, although not focused on typical technology trends and shifts, is continuing to innovate while keeping true to its brand and vision for over 71 years.


Key Goals:


TrueOmni partnered with LG to meet In-N-Out’s operational demands. The implementation involved integration of OmniPlatform with LG webOS on all digital displays. With the goal of creating a turnkey solution for both menu boards, and training solutions without the big budget, as well as the big data driving marketing effort.

Core Functionality :