Increase visitor engagement with interactive experiences​

Meet IVE, your all in one solution to help visitors connect to the events and deals that matter to them most, through custom signage that fits beautifully into your unique visitor experience.

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Why Travel Centers Choose IVE Kiosk

Experience enhanced visitor engagement, streamlined operations, and increased revenue opportunities with IVE Kiosk. Perfect for modern travel centers seeking to elevate guest experiences and operational efficiency, our interactive solutions ensure seamless navigation and impactful visitor interactions.

75% of guests today prefer self-service check-in. Checking in or buying upgrades should be fast, simple and 24/7.

CICO Kiosk is the easiest way to drive room and service upgrades. Offer smart room upgrades during every check-in experience.

With every CICO kiosk, the average hotel saves on front desk on wages per year. It also means less time hiring and training new front-desk staff.

New technology can be daunting. With CICO it’s simple – from designing to optimal implementation for your space to easy integrations with existing systems.

Use the True Omni control panel to directly manage your devices and capabilities. No hidden service costs or needing to wait to change something.

TrueOmni IVE Kiosks

IVE Indoor Kiosk

IVE Interactive Visitor Experience kiosk offers a user-friendly interface with interactive maps, event listings, and an AI itinerary builder, enhancing visitor experiences in high-traffic areas. It provides timely, relevant information for efficient navigation and discovery of local attractions and services.

+ 24″ – 63″ Turnkey Solutions

+ Easy-to-use Content Management System
+ Smartphone Like User Experience

+ 24 / 7 Access
+ ADA Accessible / Multilingual
+ 3 Year Warranty

IVE Outdoor Kiosk

IVE Interactive Visitor Experience  outdoor kiosk are built to endure diverse weather conditions, providing dependable functionality at visitor centers. It features interactive maps, local event information, and an AI itinerary builder, delivering a seamless and enriching exploration experience for visitors.

34″ – 63″ Turnkey Solution +

Anti Glare Outdoor Screen Tint +

Fade Resistant Wrapping +

Smartphone Like User Experience +

ADA Accessible  / Multilingual +
3 Year Warranty +

Progressive Web App

Our Progressive Web App (PWA) for visitor centers enhances city exploration and engagement by providing immediate access to interactive maps and personalized local recommendations directly in a browser, no download required. This easy-to-use tool helps visitors seamlessly discover top attractions and experiences.

+ Works on any device

+ Easy Setup 

+ Works even in with low network

+ Customized for your city

+ 24 / 7 Access 

Modules that ensure your IVE product gets used

Enhance visitor engagement and boost revenue with dynamic modules at your center. For example: our AI itinerary builder tailors visits based on your visitor’s preferences, interactive photobooth captures memories, and integrated ticketing simplifies purchases all while strategic ads promote local businesses, maximizing profitability.


Things to Do


Interactive Map




Photo Booth


Places to Stay






AI Itinerary Builder



Need Integrations? We’ve got you covered

Check out our seamless integration options.

Revolutionizing Visitor Centers: Case Studies on Enhanced Engagement and Experience

Discover how TrueOmni is modernizing visitor centers, hotels, and retail locations for the better across North America

Begin Your IVE Journey in 4 Easy Steps:


Product Demo Call

We will discuss your goals and environments. In 15 minutes, you will understand exactly how IVE Kiosk can serve your business.


Integrations Review

Customized to fit seamlessly with your operations.


Brand Alignment

Ensuring IVE reflects your brand’s look and feel.


IVE Hardware & Software Setup

After final review, you will get your branded CICO Kiosk hardware installed with all software and integrations done for you.

The Premier Choice for Modern Travel Centers

Revenue Growth

Effortless Setup

Integration made simple and straight forward.

Cost-Effective Simplicity

Streamline operations without the complexity.

Empower Your Team

Keep control while elevating your service standards.

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1,000+ businesses are delivering better customer experiences, increasing revenue, or saving costs.