Remove visitor friction with interactive visitor experiences

The Interactive Retail Experience (IRE) platform boosts revenue and customer engagement through innovative touchpoints like interactive displays and personalized shopping assistants, enhancing the shopping journey and increasing sales.

Trusted by Top Industry-Leading Retail Brands Worldwide

Why Retail Choose IRE Kiosk

IRE Kiosk is the best first step for brands who want to upgrade store and their business results.

75% of guests today prefer self-service check-in. Checking in or buying upgrades should be fast, simple and 24/7.

CICO Kiosk is the easiest way to drive room and service upgrades. Offer smart room upgrades during every check-in experience.

With every CICO kiosk, the average hotel saves on front desk on wages per year. It also means less time hiring and training new front-desk staff.

New technology can be daunting. With CICO it’s simple – from designing to optimal implementation for your space to easy integrations with existing systems.

Use the True Omni control panel to directly manage your devices and capabilities. No hidden service costs or needing to wait to change something.

Digital kiosk for retail showcasing interactive display and customer engagement solutions

IRE Indoor Stand Up Kiosk

Our IRE stand-up kiosks boost retail revenue and engagement by providing interactive features and personalized content, enhancing the shopping experience with tailored recommendations and efficient transactions.

+ Turnkey Solution

+ Easy-to-use Content Management System
+ Smartphone Like User Experience

+ 24 / 7 Access
+ ADA Accessible / Multilingual
+ 3 Year Warranty

IRE Countertop Kiosk

Our IRE countertop displays boost retail engagement and revenue by offering dynamic content and personalized promotions at the point of sale, effectively encouraging impulse purchases and enhancing the shopping experience.

Seamless Integration +

Easy-to-use Content Management System +

Smartphone Like User Experience +

ADA Accessible  / Multilingual +
24 / 7 Access +
3 Year Warranty +

Progressive Web App

Our retail-focused Progressive Web App (PWA) provides instant access to product details and personalized deals directly in a browser, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales without any downloads required.

+ Works on any device

+ Easy Setup 

+ Works even in with low network

+ Customized for your city

+ 24 / 7 Access 

Modules Designed to Maximize Usage of Your IRE Hardware

Dynamic modules including an AI-driven itinerary builder, enhance user engagement by offering personalized content and interactive features that cater specifically to individual preferences. This technology not only captures valuable user data but also encourages repeat visits by creating customized experiences that adapt and evolve, making each visit uniquely appealing and increasing the likelihood of return engagements.


Things to Do


Interactive Map




Photo Booth


Places to Stay






Itinerary Builder



Rewards & In-App Benefits keep customers coming back

Sync your digital experience with all your existing tools, so customers can navigate rewards both in store and directly from their phones with in-app perks.

Features Retailers Love

The OmniPlatform is your ally in this journey. We make building an omnichannel strategy simple, affordable, and effective. Our tools integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, empowering you to provide real-time information and the interactive experiences your customers crave.

People Count

Know exactly how many people enter the store and how long they stay.

Demographics & People Counter

Collect age, gender information at kiosks or with cameras.

Product Interest

Gather valuable insights into customer behavior by analyzing popular products.

Begin Your IRE Journey in 4 Easy Steps:


Engaging Demo

Experience IRE in action


Tailored Integration Review

Customized to fit seamlessly with your operations.


Brand Alignment

Ensuring IRE reflects your brand’s look and feel.


Smooth Hardware & Software Setup

Guided, efficient, and professional setup.

Upgrade Your Customer’s Experience with IRE

Interested in taking your visitor experience to the next level? IRE is here to redefine service efficiency and visitor interaction at every step of the way.