Infor, previously Agilsys, has taken the business cloud software industry by storm as they reach over 68,000 worldwide users.All of them are provided with a tailored solution that fits the industry-specific technology needed to leverage data science and prioritize the user-experience above anything else. Infor deployment instantly integrates into any existing system achieving digital transformation while overcoming market disruptions.

Key Goals:

Hospitality trends to be one of the biggest growing industries that utilize Infor as their CRM. Since Infor created a full feature-packed tool, hotels will benefit as they get to target customers and prospects while having full visibility over the business line. Sandals Beach Resorts was one of those who maximized the use of the Infor as their CRM extending their functionality to smartphones and tablets to provide convenience. Some of the mobile functionalities expected are as follows:


TrueOmni partnered with Infor to integrate a mobile application service to all Sandals properties while retaining its focus on partner. As part of the solution implemented on the Sandals beach resort app, we integrated full connections to their events, butler services and several other ways to navigate and schedule events on-property. Here are some of the detailed information on the deployment:

Core functionality: