IDSS power their over 170 destination customers, with a cloud-based CRM built to enhance customization and stability, through their iDSS Cyclone.
This web-based platform allows a monthly deployment of new features with their new unified codebase. Their goal-oriented mission empowers destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to work on their preferred workflow – from sales to finance, marketing strategy, membership services to online and on-site services
Big Bear Lake CVB and Visit Berkeley are two of the many destinations who entrusted their content management to IDSS. Providing them an all-in-one access to all the business-required features.
By allowing a seamless integration process from IDSS to our OmniPlatform, we permitted easy data flow from CRM to Displays, Kiosk, touchscreen and all other touchpoints, our DMO clients acquired:

Effective and managed options to allow IDSS customer an automated data solution with centralized data push and pull options.

TrueOmni believes in a true middleware solution that allows connection to all existing systems, UGC platforms and 1st and 3rd party products. Our solution aims to provide easy transition allowing DMOs to fully maximize the modules that they availed.