As one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeastern USA, Huntsville can aptly be described as unexpected. Huntsville seamlessly marries the rich history of southern hospitality with innovative high-tech ventures and cultural diversity. In fact, more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken in the city. A sense of curiosity and exploration has been rooted in the city’s foundation.

Products Used




Video Wall 2×2


visitor center icon

Visitor Center



Key Goal:

Huntsville wanted to open a next-generation visitor center poised to welcome the global games and the many other large events coming to the area.  Being able to extend their brand and offer new types of tools and connections points through the experience for their guests and visitors. With the upgrade in technology and experience, they wanted to be able to serve tourists with great and more precise digital  information options before and after their visit. Here are some of the functionalities that they are looking to implement:


In this partnership, we were able to launch several Interactive kiosks and a large video wall to define the new space.  Along with. Simpleview integration for real-time updates on events and listings.  While connecting social events and imagery to ensure an impactful new visitor experience.  We have also launched the following features: 

Core Functionality:

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