How Travel and Hotels can Learn from Pepsi Co.

There is no doubt in the power of first-party data and every company across the globe is building their strategy to connect with their customers. It’s time for destinations and hotels to think the same way as big brands and for the purpose of this article, we will focus just on customers who are at the destination or at your hotel. There have been a thousand articles and great data on how people choose destinations and hotels but how do we learn more in destination and build a great first data strategy.  Here is our take on it.

  1. Provide value built tools that allow travelers to engage how they want and on the device they want
  2. Here are a few tools specifically built to assist travelers and help you learn more about them.
    1. Mobile Tools – Provide easy ways to get to in-destination information from their mobile device, consider using a new technology called Progressive Web Apps allowing users to download from a link, not the various stores, and making it light and easy to keep on their phone
      1. Notifications- Provide a strategy that informs by location, Geo-Fencing, Push Notifications and even Beacons for walking areas and trails
    2. Modules and Features that drive value and provide data
      1. Search by area and category of interest, while engaging with the destination
      2. Interactive mapping to see directions and easy access to device
      3. Certified real data by location, no more Google Near Me, most users know all they get is companies that advertise with them
      4. Itinerary building – preselected, road trip, trails, and local suggestions
      5. Interactive Trails – Historic, Cultural, Hiking, Spirits provide new ways to engage and assist in the traveler experience
      6. Rewards – From online badges to historic questions, selfies, and more reward visitors as they engage with your hotel or destination
      7. Ticketing and Booking – Ensure you have the ability to check inventory, or space and provide tools for travelers to easily purchase and book as they find things
    3. Multi-Channel and Omnichannel – Provide different options and connect the journey through visitor centers, concierge desks, high traffic areas.
      1. Utilize Kiosks and interactive screens for 24×7 access, sharing, and more contactless experiences
      2. Mobile to provide connections to your other screens and locations and provide on the go information by region
      3. Digital Signage drive brand consistency, awareness, and convenience connecting the dots for engagement and revenue
      4. Data and Analytics – Connect the data you have now with location-based products and content and enhance with deeper solutions that connect and reward customers to share data

Pepsi Co – Driving Customer Loyalty with the Right Value Exchange

Our aim is to develop an ongoing dialogue with customers and use marketing touchpoints across the globe to start these conversations. That’s why we prompt customers to join our loyalty rewards programs with clear calls to action on our product packaging or through promotions on dedicated consumer-engagement platforms like our websites and apps.

We have three distinct loyalty programs for the U.S. and Canada, Turkey, and Mexico, with plans to expand to other markets. Each program accounts for unique market dynamics and consumer preferences so we can deliver the best value proposition and follow the necessary regulations for each market.

It’s imperative to ensure our loyal members understand the clear value they’re receiving in return for consenting to share their data with us.

Insights from these loyalty programs help us understand our members, personalize their experiences, and optimize our offers based on their preferences. This enables us to deliver the right value exchange for each of our loyalty members, which in turn drives retention. For example, we know that people in Turkey are more mobile-savvy and respond more to instant offers, whereas consumers in the U.S. may be more interested in discovering new recipes.

It’s imperative to build trust and transparency to nurture our customer relationships and ensure that our loyalty members understand the clear value they’re receiving in return for consenting to share their data with us. Ultimately, this approach helps us honor our consumers’ choices while protecting their privacy.
Using Integrated First-party Data to Drive Business Results
People receive so many messages a day that breaking through the noise requires us to be relevant and meet consumers where they are at that moment. This is where our custom first-party data offering comes in. This solution integrates different consumer data sources and gives us more holistic insights so we can better navigate the consumer journey and deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right place.
This intelligence ensures that our consumers see the products they love most, on the channels they frequent most often. Have a bold love for Doritos? You’ll see our newest flavor. We’ve embedded this model into our media planning and buying processes, and as part of an integrated marketing strategy alongside mass-market brand campaigns, to ensure we are reaching existing audiences and finding new customers.
Our customer-centric, data-led approach has increased media efficiency and, for some campaigns, resulted in 3X the improvement in ROI.
Going Beyond Marketing to Make Business Decisions

Using first-party data for use cases outside of marketing has also added value for PepsiCo. It’s allowed us to launch new products, ensuring repeat purchase and longevity due to the depth and breadth of the rich consumer insights. First-party data creates a consumer feedback loop through direct relationships that could be leveraged for new flavor testing, focus groups, and sampling.

The strength of first-party data and PepsiCo’s digital expertise will help us meet business objectives so we accelerate our growth by building long-lasting consumer relationships.

Contact us by calling at 833-300-6664 or emailing at info@trueomni and our team will help you look at options best fit for your organization.

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