How to integrate ecommerce to your omnichannel strategy


How to integrate ecommerce to your omnichannel strategy

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An Omnichannel- eCommerce perfect strategy it’s about being everywhere at all times. Because that’s how people are increasingly shopping: Fragmented, hopping from device-to-device, and channel-to-channel. 

Omnichannel eCommerce is essential to every market that’s why you need to make them work together as one, delivering the freedom to search and buy from anywhere, at any time. Also, customers should be able to check the status of their orders and check the availability of merchandise at any particular store. In short, they are able to control their own customer experience based on their needs, schedules, and preferences.

It´S All About Software- Omniplatform

Omni Platform is an integrated Customer Communication Management tool focused on providing a multi data, device and social medium marketing solution for Customer Experience. The platform provides your team a simple content management solution and asset control to build stronger connections with Brand, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, Revenue and Reductions in cost. 

Omniplatform allows to understand customer conversion rates, demographic data and traffic patterns. It’s totally focused on what customers are doing in each channel, conversion rates, the demographic profiles of the customers,” and how they feel while they’re shopping.

This is a point where website, social media, mobile, Google, Facebook and all other channels become connected.  Allowing connection points to turn into points of transaction and education. This is the goal of a omnichannel strategy to extend consistent branding and transaction points no matter the medium or device.

Omniplatform And 3rd Party Integrations

How can OmniPlatform help: Accomplishing the goal is not an overnight conversion it takes a strategy based on turning existing data points and channels into this point of transaction.  The first step is to find a centralized solution to consume and extend data. CMS system and responsive design can help with some mobile engagement however on mobile site is usually a reflection of the overall website, the content or experience is not personalized enough to the device.   Then as you get into the other channels it usually reflects the design and navigation of whoever sets it up not thinking about the connection of these different solutions. To transform to the omnichannel you have to start with an understanding of devices, then of channels. Mobile first was the start of this but now you have to understand that you will have Kiosk, Digital Signage, Mobile, Tablet etc.   Then you have to understand how these interfaces connect, TrueOmni can help you with this migration without having to change your infrastructure just rethink the strategy and extend relevant content by device, location or time of day. Click here to learn more and for a free evaluation.

Solutions Between Omni Platform And Salesforce

Salesforce has evolved from a standard CRM platform, to an all-around solution in managing marketing, sales, social help desk and more.

With the arising competition on the destination side, unique visitor experience plays a vital role to outstand the others. These are some of the digital solution that can integrate with your existing CRM to:

  • Allow visitors to get as much mapping, events and listing information as possible
  • Provide guest an omnichannel solution where they can transfer data from the touchscreen devices to their mobile or email
  • Provide real-time analytics and people count
  • Allow ticketing and local purchases for revenue generation

By allowing our Omniplatform to work as a middleman between these 2 systems, we instantaneously provided a more personalized approach to visitor’s informational needs.

The integration provides easy backend access and secured data transfer for the local management while extending solutions to Kiosk, Touch, Digital Display and Videowall technology.

Check out our Case Study of the integration of Salesforce for Macys

Solutions Between Omniplatform And Revel 

With over 8 years of leading the iPad Point of Sale (POS) Platform, REVEL has definitely taken e-commerce platforms to matrix inventories a level higher. Their solution offers a full suite of features that enhances small scale to large enterprises’ productivity and sales conversion.

We introduced the industry’s first e-Commerce system made especially for Travel and built for the Omnichannel. A full e-Commerce Revel solution for kiosk and mobile applications. This integration converts Revel’s Point of Sale (POS) to a product-based-Commerce solution, that caters to attraction-based ticketing, as well as souvenirs and actual physical goods, on-site.

Here are some of the highlighted features of our partnership:

  • Integration with OmniPlatform, Revel and FreedomPay for a more unique experience.
  • OmniChannel Solution – full solution accessible across different touch devices, inclusive of their own personal mobile devices.
  • Kiolytics – our custom analytic system providing real time statistics and extensive reporting
  • 24/7 Remote Technical Support assistance and on-site technical visits, if applicable

Check out our Case Study of the integration of Revel and San Francisco 

Solutions Between Omniplatform And Shopify

From the blooming $2.3 trillion e-Commerce sales in 2017, a $2.2 trillion increase by 2021 is expected based on Statistic’s report. We aim to help our retail customers integrate their Shopify stores directly to Kiosks, Touchscreens and mobile devices.

Omniplatform Integration of existing Shopify stores into robust touch and mobile engagement options without having to redo or rethink how the platform is used, or how inventory is managed.

We created a solution to fit any retailer’s strategy and budget built for the next generation of consumers.

  • Easily Integrate an existing Shopify store to any Kiosk or Mobile option
  • Dedicated branding and navigation to create consistency of connection and commerce
  • Allow multi-channel selling – enabling customers to manage purchases at the kiosk or on their personal devices
  • Social-based selling and UGC – connect customers and consumers through social channels in-store
  • Integrated, easy to install hardware options from table top, standing and wall mount
  • 24/7 specialist that can monitor and support both software and hardware

TrueOmni is the only company can have proven experience to build a truly integration solutions across any of your marketing channels with a full and complete strategy for personalization and better profiles for your current and future customers. Contact us and we will help you formulate a solution that fits your needs and goals. We love what we do and are here to help you find a solution that complements your existing systems, affordably and quickly.

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