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The Challenge And The Solution: How Will We Meet The New Guest Expectations After Covid19?

At this point, we all know that the Coronavirus pandemic has deeply hurt and changed the travel and tourism industry – especially hospitality and events. From this point forward it’s about working on a plan and discussing the new standards travelers and guests will now demand. Part of this shift will be natural reactions to prioritize health, safety, and decrease in human contact. Thinking of how to manage these expectations and building a plan to drive this change while increasing guest experience is the name of this game. We have a plan and now it’s time to share it and bring people together to help the adoption of the New Normal. 

In the heart of Guadalajara Mx, the first fully automated boutique hotel is brought to reality – Hotel Next. We converted a century-old building to a new and modernly-designed hotel, packed with the technology none in Zapopan has ever had. Hotel Next focuses on engaging guests of all ages, more so, the new generation of travelers, to experience a one-of-a-kind accommodation with the ability to maximize healthy and safe technology engagement tools.

Hotel Next, just like every other hotel brand has felt the impact, but we have focused this change to adapt and look at ways we can offer up options to face these challenges:

  1. How do we help reduce human contact?
  2. How do we keep the hotel safe and clean?
  3. How do we improve the guest experience?
  4. How do we reduce Costs and keep a strong level of service, at the same time?

These questions were top priority and Hotel Next managed to team up with TrueOmni to provide the following solutions:

  1. Provide a centralized platform that allows systems to talk to each across any device – the omnichannel approach.
  2. Utilizing frictionless Guest technology including Mobile Check-In, Mobile Key, Mobile Food Ordering and Instant Message Communication.
  3. Heat sensing mobile and kiosk technology for groups, as well as built-in sanitizers into all interactive touchpoints.
  4. Progressive Web Apps, Interactive Kiosks, Digital Signage connected and able to share information.
  5. Options for wayfinding and data tools, to share if an area is crowded and divert people to different areas to avoid congregation in key traffic areas.

These solutions are made to align with Hotel Next’s mission and vision. And from this standpoint, we are connecting custom-made solutions that would enhance on-property services and tie together the entire health-conscious experience.

What to Expect and How it works

We at Hotel Next believe, that you should start enjoying your stay the minute you book your reservation. That’s why we continue to reinvent the hotel experience to help guests and travelers connect easier— “Convenience; happier, healthier and more connected than ever before.”

Our reimagined hotel concepts are the perfect connection points to the cities and regions they serve, integrating here-and-now technology. Iconic design with locally inspired traveler suggestions and a new way to feel and experience the destination and hotel.

For us, the arrival is the destination.

  • Digital Hotel Exploration before arrival.
  • Check-in and select your room before arrival.
  • Get your Mobile Key before arriving.
  • Reserve and book your experiences before and during.
  • Order food from anywhere on the property.
  • Instant Message and even Video Conference with any Staff Member.
  • Meet locals and plan your experience based on your preferences.
  • Instant access to transportation options throughout the destination.
  • Updated local content, information and alerts.
  • Mobile, Kiosk, and Digital Signage connect your journey.

How about you, does your hotel need to evolve? Do you have a hotel or are looking to open one but don’t know how to approach this shift in consumer’s behavior and societal changes? TrueOmni can definitely help with options in utilizing existing hotel infrastructure and providing solutions with no money upfront, just a simple monthly price.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Whether you are building a hotel, looking for a brand or you just want to implement technology – Hotel Next, in conjunction with TrueOmni, has options to help you discover your guest’s expectations and deliver all the functionalities that they can use. If you are interested, feel free to message us at and one of our specialists will get back to you to set up some time to discuss your needs and vision. Call us at 1-800-333-6664 or visit or

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