Key Goals:

Go Hawaii is is looking for ways to educate and entertain their visitors while helping them manage their visitor data and backend systems, faster and more efficiently. Some of the other key goals include the ability to (1) Share Hawaii’s rich history and culture, (2) Handle visitor flow and develop their own visitor management system through digitalization, (3) Provide location based Beacons and alternative ways to send point of engagement information and offers and (4) Impart their sustainability program within the means of their priority guidelines. Within these needs, Go Hawaii believed that they need to find a solution that would help resolve the said goals and provide the following features:


TrueOmni was privileged to work with Hawaii Islands on this full-on digitization project, working primarily with the visitor centers and other high-traffic areas. While ensuring the functionalities are working on each of the deployed kiosk’s full extent, we have simultaneously launched their mobile app as well.  We also implemented beacon technology that would help local businesses and partners with point of area and purchase notifications for visitors. This feature enables their members to control additional revenue programs for advertising, notifications, and multi-island engagement. The launch of this Omnichannel solution allows integration of all functionalities between the Kiosks and mobile app through our OmniPlatform.

Core Functionalities: