Essential Travel Trend: Digital Brochures Are Back

Brochures are one of the most used marketing tools for visitor information for travel and hotel organizations. Many are done well and contain relevant and useful information for their designated audience. However, let us all be honest that apart from people taking a brochure, most ends up in the trash bin. At the end of the day, when the event, travel, or sale is over, it’s just gonna be another piece of trash for the landfill.

The travel industry is one of the biggest industries that distribute paper information in different media channels, most commonly visitor guides and brochures. Since travel involves multiple information points such as where-to’s, what-to-do’s, local transportation options, costs, and more, it is expected for destinations to be generous with answers and information.

However everything has changed, and honestly was already changing prior to the pandemic. As travelers start to pay more attention to mobile devices and digital options, to avoid picking up paper, some for reasons of sustainability and others for safety. Going digital has become a must not just nice to have, for convenience and as well to provide additional options for stakeholders and marketing organizations to produce trackable results. Let’s learn more about options to switch from paper to digital products.

Benefits of Implementing Digital brochures in your Visitor Center

1. Efficiency of Staff

If you run a visitor center, odds are your team spends 35% of their time dealing with paper. Restocking, calling about it, driving to pick it up. – receiving too much or too little. Correcting mistakes or restocking due to such. By reducing the amount of paper you offer, your staff has time to do what they are best at building great experiences and servicing your visitors.

2. Cost-effective

This is one of the most tangible benefits of switching from paper to digital. Allow your visitors to view your brochures without the need for you to print and mail them. Not to mention the cost to your stakeholders and the environment, be ensuring there are digital ways to engage, read and share.

3. Greater Audience Reach, More Visitor Data

With your digital brochure options, you can easily share to text or email. Learn more about what your visitors are looking at and provide real-time data to your stakeholders, including ways to track advertising or coupon redemption. Connect them to your mobile products and interactive solutions and you have a true digital sharing platform.

4. QR Codes, Stakeholders look to reduce costs

One problem we centers are seeing is that some stakeholders have decided to stop printing their brochures. Understanding they can reduce costs and connect with customers with digital. Likely there will be a continued reduction in paper whether you like it or not. But it’s ok, you can show them you are moving forward with options for deeper digital recognition by offering digital and mobile ways of viewing, sharing, and engaging.

5. Swiping through Targeted pages

Unlike traditional flipping, your visitors can swipe or click through brochure pages, taking them to exact areas of interest. Easily select categories and make it easier to personalize the content they receive. With upgraded options, you can provide page-by-page control with advertisements, coupons, and more forms of trackable searchable options.

6. Driving Revenue and Engagement

The brochures and guides our stakeholders or organizations build are used to drive business, revenue and ensure visitors have the information they need. With digital, you can now connect businesses with travelers through their smartphones, while providing new ways to serve and track advertising. Provide convenience and connect your advertising strategy.

7. Be kinder, go greener!

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint with digital brochures. Know that 48% of global travelers believe that choosing an environmentally friendly travel option is important.

8. Hassle-free updates

What you printed back in January maybe halfway accurate by March but may no longer be correct by the time June hits. With digital options, information can be updated daily through connected content management stakeholders can up-to-date any time of the year! And you ensure visitors have the right information, on hours, times of operation, and pricing.

9. Analytics

Let’s face it all you can do is tell your stakeholders when you are getting low on brochures. You have no real data beyond volume to offer tangible data or viable ways to show your value. Going digital gives you the full advantage of being able to track your audience or visitor’s behavior. Know which brochures are shared, clicked on, even how many coupons are redeemed.

10. Using the Multi-Device Approach

Travelers want the ability to connect through whatever device they choose. By now you should know that having interactive options in your centers in the future and connecting to mobile devices is an absolute necessity. When considering moving to digital ensure you think through your omnichannel approach. You must provide options for travelers so they can get to the information they want, share it, and even print it if necessary. With the right solution, you should be able to connect Kiosks, Digital Signage, Mobile, and web through your existing systems.

Embracing technology

Just like any other industry, destination marketing organizations are looking for ways to improve the overall experience which includes improving several sectors: customer experience, reservation options, ticketing, and providing self-service options to reduce friction while increasing safety.  The truth is, travel experience disruptions happen not only pre but even upon the traveler’s arrival. You must evolve as your travelers are, and understand how to connect the old with the new, your traveler’s journey is shifting to digital to evolve and survive you must shift as well. In fact, BBC also believed that travel industry stakeholders are now leaning toward reconsidering the new travel experience of the future. You are either adapting or growing or dying which one are you?

True Omni can help, with the launch of our new OmniBrochure, you can allow your stakeholders to upload existing brochures, or provide a new means of connecting digital content. We can show you how to disrupt the old way and embrace the future while leveraging marketing, analytics, and existing strategies.  Call us at 833-300-6664 or click here to get a demo and learn more!


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