Google, with an average of 63,000 searches per second, is seemingly to be, if not, one of the best search engines on the internet today. With about 93% of all the website traffic coming from these search engines, choosing the right advertisement platform to complement this traffic is crucial.

Google then created a powerful ad management platform called Double Click for Publishers. It is an integrated tool that primarily helps publishers to manage their ad inventory. With an integrated solution to the OmniPlatform, Google and Omni can easily extend out ad inventories sold to their advertisers to drive consistent management and revenue programs. Destination Marketing Organizations like Los Angeles Tourism entrusted their advertising strategy to DFP, since they are receiving a high number of visitors and TrueOmni ensured seamless integration to provide multiple delivery options across any device.

LA Tourism also wanted to utilize advanced technology for their visitor centers and other high traffic areas, so they have collaborated with TrueOmni to provide a more compelling solution – through kiosks and other multitouch point devices.
TrueOmni provided: