Digital Concierge Technology: 5 Ways to Empower your Team and Wow Your Visitors


Digital Concierge Technology: 5 Ways to Empower your Team and Wow Your Visitors

Picture of By Doug Ralston

By Doug Ralston

When we talk about providing digital visitor services and experiences, it’s important to remember that new ways to engage with visitors are an opportunity to enhance your service strengths. When we think of technology and disruption in workforce development, it’s easy to assume that the goal is to replace person-to-person interactions. In fact, the best digital programs empower your representatives to provide better and customized services, replacing inefficient processes with nimble and integrated tools. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through five ways to empower your team and embrace technology that compliments your current communication strategy and connects with your visitors. 


1. Create a Consistent Brand Experience.

Your front-line team’s expertise lies in what visitors will most need and want to know when they have arrived. Your marketing team knows how to build a brand experience that will get them to your doorstep. These two strengths complement each other when you leverage fully integrated digital touchpoints with your real-time marketing content to create consistency in brand experience, and with direct control by your team to customize that content and share to the right person in the right format.

2. There is No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Customer Service.

You must offer flexible services that meet the visitor’s preference. If you only offer paper, you are missing out on the engagement possible with visitors who prefer digital takeaways. If you only offer digital, again you are missing out on an opportunity to delight a customer and the frustration of unmet expectations. Countertop concierge kiosk on an easy-to-share swivel stand is another way to create new opportunities for the team to host digital experiences. This helps drive more data and engagement options using email, text, and print as needed.

3. Replace FAQ Lists with Digital Lists.

Now that your content is integrated, your teams have direct control to create FAQ lists and itineraries tailor-made by them. In one example with Sanibel Captiva – the team suggested creating premade lists of the 5 closest beaches to the VIC, it’s now their most-shared list. For the visitor, they have an easy takeaway that they can continue to click and explore later or use navigation features like maps on the go. Including your team in the building of useful tools for visitors is a must for any digital program. And with the right solution, it’s easy to continue to shape the solution around the needs of the visitor and the expertise of your visitor services professionals. 

4. Offer Responsible Travel Options.

 Many demographics drawn to digital technologies are motivated to visit responsibly, reduce their footprint, and engage with the local community. Maine Tourism is focusing on a 30% reduction in the use of paper as they offer new digital options – visitor center staff can share anything they recommend via text or email. In addition, they have integrated information on how to purchase licenses and connect with local policies and pledges for safe and responsible experiences. This frees up the team’s time from repetitive administrative tasks like handling paper and puts their focus on hospitality.

5. Better Data, More Engagement, Increased Revenue.
With concierge kiosks, it’s important to think beyond sharing website information. Focus-built tools for touch exploration allow you to help service the visitor better and leverage new data and tools. You can adjust team training to align with discovered insights on visitor interests or introduce new products and services to meet identified needs. As visitors share and explore listings they will continue to engage and make purchase decisions long after leaving your center, benefitting your organization and its stakeholders with increased revenue. Your visitors will be impressed that their every need has been met as you learn more about them and adjust your operations accordingly. 
Want to learn more on options and how to find solutions to help you implement the right tools for your centers and organization?   Need help moving your team to the next level in providing innovative services? Contact us to get started at or call us at 888-334-6664.  Or for existing customers – get in touch to schedule your Digital Visitor Services Ambassador Program training. 

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